Clinical AI Leader Jvion Initiates Data Analysis Project to Identify Communicable Disease Patterns to Inform COVID-19 Readiness Strategies for Hospitals, Health Systems and Communities

ATLANTA, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jvion, a leader in clinical AI, announced today that it has initiated a data analysis project to identify patterns tied to the spread of viruses similar to COVID-19 that cause acute respiratory illness. The analysis will help hospitals and healthcare organizations understand the social risk factors that make people more likely to contract and spread viruses of this nature or acquire an infection that requires hospitalization, and help care teams prioritize care for the most vulnerable patients.

This information is critical at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is stretching hospitals and community resources beyond capacity and the number of patients seeking care rises rapidly. Insights and patterns identified by Jvion’s clinicians and data scientists will be made available over the next few weeks. The goal is to inform COVID-19 readiness strategies and help hospitals take a proactive approach to managing patient populations in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Jvion’s preliminary analysis looked at over two million patients in the community and their risks of acquiring infections that lead to end organ damage, such as respiratory failure. The findings are consistent with other COVID-19 research in showing that older age and chronic conditions are major risk factors for poor outcomes. However, the analysis also identifies modifiable social risk factors for poor outcomes.

These risk factors include long commutes (especially longer than an hour) and living in dense residential areas (such as a college dorm). Other factors that have surfaced include having a social lifestyle that involves public activities such as sports, attending sporting events, going to the movies, and shopping in person. All of these risk factors link back to exposure and are exceptionally important to be aware of as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Jvion’s mission is and will always be to use clinical AI to prevent avoidable patient harm,” said Shantanu Nigam, CEO and founder of Jvion. “COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented rate, but knowledge is power and our team is working diligently to provide insights the industry can use to confidently address issues around staffing, patient triage, and proactive community planning.”

It is important to follow the CDC recommendations to prevent exposure and transmission, including reducing public activity and practicing social distancing. Individuals who suspect they may be ill should stay at home and avoid contact with others. Risk can be mitigated with frequent and thorough hand washing. Touching the face with unwashed hands should be avoided. Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected daily.

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Jvion enables healthcare organizations to prevent avoidable patient harm and lower costs through its AI-enabled prescriptive analytics solution. An industry first, the Jvion Machine goes beyond simple predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high risk and for whom intervention will likely be successful. Jvion determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across hospitals, populations, and patients. To date, the Jvion Machine has been deployed across about 50 hospital systems and 300 hospitals, who report average reductions of 30% for preventable harm incidents and annual cost savings of $6.3 million. For more information, visit

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