How to Stay HIPAA Compliant in The Digital Age

Intiva Health’s latest white paper examines the impact of the digital age on the health care industry and the challenges that arise for providers, facilities, and networks as they protect private health information, which is a requirement for HIPAA compliance.

Austin, Texas, March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The digital age has created an expectation of immediacy in data delivery and interpersonal communication while creating challenges for regulatory compliance in the health care industry.

Common industry practices, such as the use of short messaging services (SMS) or personal electronic devices to transmit protected health information (PHI), opens the door for a temporary lapse in HIPAA compliance resulting in enormous monetary penalties for health care systems.

A security breach of a patient’s PHI can have life-altering consequences for the individual, potentially damaging medical records and opening the door for identity theft.

There are two primary challenges that health care facilities must overcome to maintain compliance and mitigate risk. To achieve the balance between cybersecurity and provider responsiveness, health care facilities, networks, and their providers need to adopt solutions that provide confidentiality while maintaining accessibility.

Read the full white paper here.


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