Cradle of Aviation Brings Museum Online to Help Families, Educators, & Community Stay Connected

Museum’s TikTok Videos Get Over 1.5M views in Under a Week

Garden City, NY, March 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Cradle of Aviation Museum continues its primary mission to collect, preserve and interpret Long Island’s rich aerospace heritage of discovery and inspire future generations through science and technology. The Museum is committed to extending its services and staying connected to the community bringing the museum experience online with 360 view gallery tours and through sharing helpful, fun, and inspirational content and programming. All resources are available at and via social media channels.

Online Educational Services

LEARN with #Educator Tom, the museum's latest TikTok sensation (with over 1.5m views in under a week) as he brings edutainment online through olver 50 videos on the history of ingenuity and innovation in aerospace. Did you know that rotary engines spun along with propellers to cool it down?

MAKE an At Home Activity with video instruction from our Education Team. Like "Make A Mission Patch" asking students to use their imagination on their own personal mission. If there was a mission to stop a virus, what would the patch look like? YouTube

ASK an Educator those challenging STEM related homework questions and assignments and get some help from our Education team, like which layer of the Earth is located closer to the crust? Send questions to

Virtual Museum - We Bring the Museum to Your Screen

EXPERIENCE the museum galleries in 360° via Google Street View and visit our many exhibit pages with links to further resources from The Dream of Wings to the Future of Space.

BE INSPIRED with evening lectures as we replay via Facebook Watch Parties some of our favorite encounters with astronauts, pilots, authors, and STEM leaders including the Apollo 50th Anniversary Dinner Panel featuring five Apollo Astronauts and two Mission Control directors (Thursday, March 26th at 8pm) presentation and an intimate look at life and art of Apollo Astronaut Alan Bean with Leslie Bean and Shuttle Astronaut and Bestselling Author Mike Massimino (Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm.

PERUSE thousands of inspirational photos of the heroes of air and space in our NY Heritage Digital Collection including rarely seen photos of Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, the F-14 and Lunar Module.

WATCH our playlists on our YouTube channel including recommended picks from our curator, Josh Stoff, as well as inspirational interviews with astronauts who recently visited the museum.

FOLLOW US on social media as we continue to highlight inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy and celebrate teamwork in overcoming odds as well as recommended helpful resources on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

"The Education Department is fortunate to have the opportunity to continue collaborating with educators and families across our region. Learning takes place beyond the four walls of a classroom. It can be fun and exciting in any environment from our museum floor to your living room to right outside your window! During this time, when families are learning at home, we’ll be sharing content from astronauts talking about their time in outer space, to how to build paper airplanes for a family flight contest, to homework help with the Cradle’s Education Department. We look forward to being a free resource for our community and to bring STEM to everyone. " - Catherine Gonzalez, Director of Education, Cradle of Aviation Museum

"During these difficult times we salute the efforts of our superhero scientists and all health care professionals.At the Cradle we continue to serve as a STEM resource for the thousands of students who are operating in the current distant learning environment.- Andrew Parton, President, Cradle of Aviation Museum

Additionally, the Cradle of Aviation Museum is working on offering bilingual content including at home activities and a bilingual presentation from NASA Engineer Scarlin Hernandez.

The Cradle of Aviation Museum and Education Center is home to over 75 planes and spacecraft representing over 100 years of aviation history and Long Island’s only Giant Screen Dome Theater. The museum is located on Museum Row, Charles Lindbergh Blvd., in East Garden City. For more information call (516) 572-4111 or visit










"Educator Tom", Tom Barry, the Assistant Director of Education at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in a TikTok video. In under a week the edutainment videos have generated over 1.3 million views. In the videos, he covers all of the galleries in the Museum and points out interesting facts about some of the air/spacecraft, items that folks might otherwise pass by. "We didn't have composite materials or jet engines in the 1920's but humanity still managed to cross countries, continents and oceans in the air." The videos were created to engage and stay connected to the museum community and STEM educators. Get up close with to and learn about an original Lunar Module with Google Street View 360. This  LM-13 was intended for the Apollo 19 mission to Copernicus Crater in 1973, but was ultimately canceled.

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