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Forest Hills, New York, UNITED STATES

FRESH MEADOWS, N.Y., March 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Native American Energy Group, Inc. (formerly OTC-PINK:NAGP) (the "Company") - With the recent focus on the Coronavirus around the world, the Country and in the media, the Native American Energy Group has provided the following letter from President and CEO, Joseph G. D'Arrigo.

Dear Shareholders & Associates of Native American Energy Group,

We sincerely hope this letter finds you all well. Millions are being threatened by a global epidemic being caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus that even earth’s richest nations were not properly prepared for. We are managing to persevere through this as a company, and as we forge ahead this communication is now reaching a much broader audience. Our fellow stockholders, corporate colleagues and participants now encompass a global expanse. However, it is with a very heavy heart that we share our sincere concern for our friends and business associates who live in those heaviest hit countries and cities. Unfortunately, some governments hadn’t reacted fast enough to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Sadly, it is still too early to determine if any country truly addressed this pandemic appropriately. During these uncertain times we should all comply with the now global guidelines which logically direct us to take those extra protective measures, such as frequently washing our hands, practice “social distancing,” etc., so we can slow down and change its current destructive path. We must all recognize the important role we all play in effectively protecting ourselves and loved ones and our communities from what is now a pandemic.

With the escalating severity of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, globally, I wanted to reach out to assure you that we remain committed to our goals, as well as to share updates on new corporate developments. For over 15 years, since our inception in 2005, the Native American Energy Group has lived by our core values of always placing the interests of our shareholders above everything else. This standard has guided us through the most challenging of times - whether they were economic downturns, financial crises or regulatory set-backs, and that, has allowed us to come out of each of these events stronger. And each time, the support given to us by the majority of our shareholders has never wavered, for which, we are very grateful. This same standard continues to guide our team today as we face the mounting challenges of responding to the global threat brought about by the outbreak.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, companies and business leaders throughout the world are preparing and bracing themselves for what is now uncharted territory and the anticipated impact. As the Coronavirus situation evolves around the world, Native American Energy Group is focused on market awareness of this dynamic and constantly changing situation as it affects our global partners. We are in contact with our global partners and are continually reassessing its influence on our collective efforts together. This level of collaboration takes a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience.

It is statistically well-known for several decades that the average life of a development stage company in the United States, such as an OTC listed company, doesn’t span longer than 5 years. It is usually extended in special cases such as a technology merger associated with intellectual property or on the other hand… the resilience, experience and executive decisions of a management team that is able to navigate through the trials and tribulations of ‘tough times.’

In 2013, amidst the U.S. Government’s shutdown, NAEG decided to venture off and explore foreign financial and joint venture relationships where we felt our veteran experience as a 9-year old public, energy development and resource management company would be better revered and valued. During these tumultuous and uncertain times, we find ourselves grateful for such decisions we made as we aligned ourselves with like-minded and aged global partners operating in regions that have weathered far worse crises over the past century inclusive of several World Wars and plagues. This decision also contributed to the support we have had from the majority of our shareholders all these years. Collectively, with our global partners, we share the common understanding that although the financial markets have become more volatile and defensive, and investors can become paranoid, we also urge them to recognize that this is after all, still an event risk. Events come and go and market conditions have always adjusted accordingly. We recognize that these are unsettling times however, we have every confidence in the resilience of our collective team. 

I will end this note with this wish from all of us at Native American Energy Group – that, you continue the fight to stay healthy and strong. Please look after yourself and look out for each other. I hope to meet many of you at our next Annual Shareholders Meeting. We will continue to keep our stockholders advised with updates on our website: Also, please be advised that in 2019, we acquired the domain which also now accesses our website directly, so look there for information and new developments as they occur. 


Joseph D’Arrigo - CEO
Native American Energy Group, Inc.

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