Dataguise Offers Fast, Simple and Now Free Way to Protect Privacy as Healthcare Organizations Collect Personal Information to Combat Coronavirus

Data Privacy and Protection Technology Available at No Charge to Organizations Collecting, Sharing and Analyzing Personal Data During Global Pandemic

Fremont, California, UNITED STATES

FREMONT, Calif., March 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dataguise, the leader in Personal Data Provisioning, today announced that it will offer its technology platform for automating data privacy and protection free of charge for 90 days to any organization that wants to protect individual privacy while improving the availability of data for research and development (R&D) and analytics during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sensitive and personal data is being created, shared and analyzed with unprecedented speed and volume as more organizations work together to contain the novel coronavirus and as more people look to stay connected using digital channels. The Dataguise platform can help organizations quickly and easily ramp up data privacy efforts with an automated solution for detecting and protecting personal data at scale, in both on-premises and cloud environments. With full knowledge and proper provisioning of all sensitive and personal data, organizations can maintain the privacy of data subjects while making more—and more complete—data sets available to the teams who rely on them to make better decisions faster.

“We believe the effective use of personal data will help us slow and eventually stop the threat of this pandemic, but we also believe that the responsible use of personal data during this time will help ensure that our clearly more digital lives are better and safer after we get through it,” said Manmeet Singh, chief executive officer at Dataguise. “It all hinges on discovery. Only with fast, accurate discovery of all personal information can organizations protect privacy thoroughly. That’s what Dataguise does best, hands-down. I encourage organizations to take advantage of this offer now to see that maximizing data value does not have to mean sacrificing data security or privacy—and vice versa.”

The free offer is designed for organizations in the global healthcare industry leveraging data in the fight against coronavirus, but any organization may take advantage of it. The offer includes use of the detection, protection (masking) and monitoring capabilities of the Dataguise technology platform for 90 days, with complimentary setup and support. Dataguise works on the broadest range of technology platforms in both on-premises and cloud environments, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata databases as well as repositories on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Snowflake.

To learn more or to take advantage of the free 90-day offer from Dataguise, visit:  or call 1-877-632-0522 (toll-free in the US and Canada) or +1-510-896-3770 (from outside the US).

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Dataguise helps organizations deserve digital trust by protecting privacy as they use personal data to drive business value. The Dataguise Privacy-on-Demand™ (PoD) Platform enables Personal Data Provisioning™ as a seamless business process that detects, protects, and monitors personal data as it is being collected, used, shared, and stored across the enterprise. With Dataguise, organizations can spend less resources on managing risk and compliance and put more focus on using personal data to improve the products, services, and customer experiences that fuel business growth. To learn more, visit



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