Delta Media Speeds to Market Virtual Open Houses

Real estate tech giant responds to COVID-19 impact to assist agents


CANTON, Ohio, March 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delta Media Group, Inc., one of America’s most established and largest broker technology solutions providers, is deploying new support for virtual Open Houses to its DeltaNET Open House platform free to its customers. The company accelerated its development cycle to provide assistance to agents during COVID-19’s unprecedented impact on the real estate market.

“Our customer’s ability to continue conducting business as we work through COVID-19 is our number one priority,” says Michael Minard, CEO, and owner of Delta Media. “It is our job to help them seamlessly navigate the hurdles they are facing.”

The new Virtual Open House feature adds the ability for real estate sales associates to schedule virtual Open Houses in the same way they do standard Open Houses. Now they can add an indication of its virtual status, providing clients a link for attending the virtual Open House.

Delta Media also announces it is extending its Real Time MLS Data Platform to support virtual Open houses Integration with over 350 MLS feeds. This will cover 93% of the U.S. in anticipation of MLS support of virtual Open Houses.

Delta Media notes that America’s top digital brokerage reported a 500% take rate for their virtual open house program. Now, every Delta Media customer can incorporate this strategy into their plan during these challenging times.

In addition to adding virtual Open Houses support, Delta Media also has upgraded its DeltaNET platform to support virtual Open Houses throughout the entire platform.

“We massively shrunk our development cycle to integrate Virtual Open Houses into our Open House search, our Market Watch Reports, our New Listing Emails, our lead management platform, Ad Wizard platform, email marketing platform, and our automated and highly-popular Facebook advertising platform,” Minard added.

“Additionally, in talking with agents the past couple days and getting feedback, the biggest hurdle they face in doing Virtual Open Houses is the ability to affectively market them. We now have a fully integrated solution that empowers them to market Virtual Open Houses,” said Minard.

Meeting Skyrocketing Virtual Showing Requests
“One month ago, a virtual showing request was novel,” Minard explains. “Today, in many markets, it is a requirement when a sales associate has a client requesting a personal showing.” 

Delta Media also announced it has integrated Virtual Showing requests fully into its DeltaNET Showing Request platform. Starting Thursday, March 26th, Delta Media customers will be able to request a Virtual Showing on properties using their technology of choice.

"In these times, it is important that we help build a virtual ecosystem for the real estate industry,” says Michael Minard, CEO of Delta Media Group. “Our team at Delta Media is rising to the occasion as we want our customers to see that we are there for them, and we are in this together to make our real estate industry stronger,” Minard says.

Delta Media will provide details for clients in a live Zoom Webinar it is hosting at 11 am EST tomorrow with registration available at

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