Employee Engagement Study Reveals Reasons and Remedies For Disengagement

Brandon Hall Group’s latest employee engagement study reveals workforces are twice as likely to be disengaged than highly engaged; recommends strategies to improve employee engagement.

Boca Raton, March 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite numerous efforts to reverse the trend, the latest Brandon Hall Group research shows that employee engagement remains low.

“Employee engagement is the most important driver of business success and the most difficult for employers to understand and improve,” said Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group.

Employees are more engaged when their work experiences resonate with their values, interests and aspirations. Poor employee engagement can cripple an organization. The domino effect hurts talent retention, innovation, productivity, revenue, customer retention and the entire workplace culture. But engagement can be improved significantly and relatively quickly by focusing on creating great everyday employee experiences.

”The key to building engagement is delivering experiences that matter most to employees. The majority of employers are not doing that,” said Claude Werder, VP of Research at Brandon Hall Group.

Most organizations give their leaders low marks for listening to employees, evaluating performance, coaching employees, building employee trust, communicating clear expectations, empowering employees and fostering employee collaboration. Those actions impact how employees feel about their everyday experiences, which in turn impacts engagement. The key to building engagement is addressing what matters most to employees.

The 2020 Employee Engagement Study shows the current state of employee engagement and recommends strategies for success.

To view a summary of the Employee Engagement Study, click here

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