Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch and Napa Wildlife Rescue share common goal and vision of domestic and wildlife animal welfare as new neighbors

Two prominent Napa Valley animal welfare nonprofits are now located side by side, not only geographically but also in philosophy, bringing together a broad spectrum of animal and environmental care and education.

St. Helena, California, UNITED STATES

Napa Valley, March 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Friday, January 31, 2020, Napa Wildlife Rescue found a permanent home to house its operations after searching for 28 years; it just so happens to be next to Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch’s (Jameson’s) Carneros property. With a unified physical presence, both organizations’ vision and mission will easily flow across property lines, creating a profound, unique space where animals are loved, nurtured, and restored.

“Having the right kind of neighbors, creates unprecedented synergy, securing an atmosphere where animals, humans, and the planet will greatly benefit; in short, we are perfect neighbors for each other,” says John Comisky, President of Napa Wildlife Rescue.

This moment represents a victory for the two animal-conscious groups and sets the stage for further collaboration, proliferating greater good for the public. “We will explore synergies within areas like volunteerism, education (off site or in the field), disaster preparation, medical assistance, and networking. This should make our efforts more integrated and effective, enabling us to create an even greater impact, while also ensuring a larger, more creative voice,” says Monica Stevens, Jameson President & CoFounder.

The impact of this type of collaboration is real; the side-by-side working relationship will help the two groups solve animal-welfare problems more rapidly in their community versus others who have limited contact among staff from different organizations.

This milestone is also proof positive that Napa Valley continues to evolve beyond being known for just world-class wine but is also considered as a place where nature constantly reminds us of its value; and that animals, humans, and the planet are inextricably tied together. The timing is critical because of the devastation facing our climate, animals, and land. “Together we will carve a way forward and make people aware of the weakened state of animals and the planet, as their existence becomes more endangered and detrimental environmental policies are enacted,” said Stevens.

Although both organizations are not yet open to the public and use permits are still in process, their respective future plans look bright. For example, Jameson is in the throes of its Capital Campaign to raise enough funds to build a Sustainable Education and Impact Center for people to visit, which will serve as a community-based facility that provides experiential learning for animals and their humans. The campaign is related to Jameson's property-wide sustainability efforts, including implementation of a sustainably-driven water reuse system, resulting in a healthier animal pasture. Concurrently, Napa Wildlife Rescue is working to convert a residence on their new property into a hospital for wildlife that will be able to receive and care for patients who are orphaned, sick, or injured.  Both centers will represent a haven for our community and its spectrum of animals.

All of this will take a lot of work, and both organizations welcome donations to help them reach their respective goals. Having the space is one thing but taking that space from what it has been to what it needs to be, is another monumental effort altogether.

To learn about the unique donor opportunities for these two organizations and their future plans, please contact Monica Stevens, President & CoFounder, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch: monica[at]jamesonrescueranch.org; and John Comisky, President, Napa Wildlife Rescue: qualjohn[at]hotmail.com. 

About Napa Wildlife Rescue

Napa Wildlife Rescue supports and advocates for wildlife through: Rehabilitation, Education, Community Outreach, and Partnerships in order to promote sustainable and healthy eco-systems in Napa County for the present and future generations. Napa Wildlife Rescue was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization and is the only organization permitted through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US Department of the Interior, Fish, and Wildlife to rescue, rehabilitate, and release healthy wildlife back into Napa County’s wild.

To learn more about Napa Wildlife Rescue, please visit: https://www.napawildliferescue.org/

About Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Founded in 2014 by David and Monica Stevens, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization that was founded on the belief that all animals should live a life free from cruelty and suffering. Guided by our instincts, Jameson has not followed the traditional path of “animal rescue” but instead listened to the community and responded holistically to the needs of our animals and their human guardians. Our commitment is to continuously learn and adapt and not be afraid to challenge the status quo to ensure we have the greatest positive impact possible. As an impact-driven nonprofit organization that collaborates and educates to inspire change in animal welfare, not only in our local communities, but around the world, our program model includes a variety of novel solutions and approaches driven by education, prevention, and intervention. Every day, our work is guided by how animals, the environment, and our community are all inextricably connected.

To learn more about Jameson, please visit: http://www.jamesonanimalrescueranch.org

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