Infinite CBD deemed an Essential Business during Colorado Statewide Stay-Home Order

Colorado government keeps CBD production running amidst COVID-19 containment efforts

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood, Colorado, March 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The team at Infinite CBD is proud to announce that through the COVID-19 efforts to limit the spread of illness, cannabinoid products and production facilities have been deemed a necessary service to the American population by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. It is clear that Infinite CBD will be available through this pandemic and fulfilling all orders placed at 

One of the major shifts this team has had to embrace is preparing the facility to ensure avoiding contribution to the spread of this virus whatsoever. Staggered schedules, minimizing staff, extreme sanitation practices and an hourly cleaning schedule make it clear that Infinite CBD management has ensured their facility exceeds all expectations during this time. 

Infinite CBD prioritizes around the clock practices to ensure a clean, virus-free work space for all employees. From the time the staff enters the building until they exit, each individual is expected to be in full PPE gear as to protect individual health as well as preserving product quality. Every hour and at the end of each shift, individual teams assure all surfaces within their workspaces are disinfected and prepared for incoming orders. Moreover, professional sanitation services are arriving weekly to deep clean the entire facility. 

COVID-19, popularly referred to as “coronavirus,” is an illness causing respiratory illness that closely mimics the flu in most cases. Symptoms include cough, fever and in serious cases cases this can lead to extreme difficulty breathing. Although this virus spreads primarily through coughs and sneezes, our production, distribution and lab staff are taking every measure possible to ensure a sanitary workplace and safety for employees still able to perform all job functions within our facility. 

While many local retail locations are closing in response to the pandemic, Infinite CBD is able to cater all marketing and sales strategies to match the current needs of online shoppers and wholesale clients who are still up and running efficiently. With coronavirus conversation aside, this company will continue business as normal, only crafting unique campaigns to truly communicate with customers during this fearsome period.

About Infinite CBD: Infinite CBD is a single-source CBD isolate company based in Lakewood, CO. Infinite CBD provides 99%+ CBD products to online customers and wholesalers at Starting the process to improve the quality of life is always a click away.



Professional sanitation services wrapping up a Friday deep cleaning.

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