Epiq Launches Secure, Scalable, Remote Review in Response to COVID-19

NEW YORK, March 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The legal industry is quickly adapting to new work procedures to adhere to evolving COVID-19 prevention measures while continuing to get work done. To assist in this process, Epiq has mobilized rapidly to create a secure and legally defensible remote document review and project management solution to meet this need.

Epiq’s remote review solution transforms legal workflows by providing a highly-secure, scalable, and flexible remote review program. The program, available globally since March 20, allows for access to any eDiscovery, incident response, or contracts review platform. The solution allows Epiq to rapidly scale up teams of reviewers across locations, in a highly agile way, to respond to the needs of clients.

Using an array of oversight options, including comprehensive reporting metrics, confidentiality agreements, and training, Epiq has successfully created a global, digital team of expert managers for all review matters. Epiq has onboarded workers to the remote platform, who were previously working in-person at 15 locations across North America, within the span of seven days, with the ability to quickly scale from our database of over 30,000 vetted review attorneys as needed.

“Our Toronto team worked diligently to transition to this new secure remote work environment while also meeting a critical project deadline,” said Tiffany Arroyo, eDiscovery review manager at Epiq. “Our client was thankful we were able to continue work on their project with minimal disruption. We also received very positive feedback from our attorney reviewers who are working in this new environment.”

The solution is carefully built to ensure secure remote work by using multi-factor authentication and verified https protocols and includes a complete set of safety measures ranging from disabled data redirection to automated data clearing on virtual desktops. Additionally, the clearly defined and detailed review management and supervisory protocols Epiq is known for are embedded in the solution to ensure that the highest standards of quality and operational effectiveness are met.

“We are focused on developing valuable solutions to help our clients better navigate these challenging times,” said Senior Vice President Thomas Tromiczak. “Our new secure remote review solution is an important example of how we will continue to innovate and evolve with the times to transform the business of law.”

The remote solution will continue to be available to clients and will evolve over time to provide more features, functionality, and security. No longer limited by facility space or location, the remote review platform at Epiq reaches clients anywhere, anytime.

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