Visiting Media Unveils TrueTour™ Version X: The Latest in Virtual Sales and Marketing Tech Advancements to be Released in 2021

Visiting Media, a global leader in developing immersive sales and marketing technology for the hospitality industry, will unveil an incredible new platform called 'TrueTour™ X' next year. Blending real-time CMS integration, impactful 360° and 3D visuals and sophisticated automation and delivery tools, TrueTour X will change the way hospitality, commercial property and event sales teams win business around the globe.

Portland, Oregon, USA, March 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coming to the marketplace in 2021, TrueTour™ Version X will introduce previously unavailable sales and marketing tools, truly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with immersive technologies when promoting hotels, commercial properties and event venues. Developed through super-user feedback, thought leadership, data-based invention and top industry R&D, Visiting Media’s newest platform packages powerful immersive and traditional content within incredible cloud-based marketing SaaS to create a true selling super-tool.

Customers familiar with the current TrueTour platform already understand the difference between a ‘virtual tour’ and a true sales and marketing platform. A ‘virtual tour’ is to TrueTour™ what a rotary phone is to the latest smartphone. TrueTour X will allow users to quickly create highly personalized sales kits by selecting any combination of content to customize virtual experiences based on user data. These reportable multimedia content experiences are designed for each unique prospect.

TrueTour X will also integrate these capabilities into most existing RFP and CMS platforms so you can keep using your favorite tools, with the added benefit of delivering highly compelling and personalized tracked replies and real time lead scoring data. With an all-new optimized user dashboard, our customers can integrate their TrueTour X content and experiences onto websites, into proposal platforms, PDFs and more using URLs, embed codes and API calls.
Aaron Slead, Head of Engineering for Visiting Media, says, “We’re very excited to bring the new TrueTour X to our customers and to the larger marketplace. TrueTour X redefines the ordinary virtual tours that we’re familiar with and transforms them into powerful sales tools and experiences. Once our customers experience TrueTour X, they’ll never be able to justify relying on the same old sales methods.”

As static, one-size-fits-all virtual tours become last decade’s technology, TrueTour X brings immersive marketing into today's world by generating unique user profiles based on a prospect’s activity within their experiences. Each experience is designed to drive them forward. As they explore, their data is logged and analyzed in real time, giving our customers 20/20 foresight, even before the first conversation begins. The reportability on our lead scoring data and visual heat maps provides user data equivalent to the leading CMS platforms on the marketplace.

TrueTour X will replace many separate tools currently used in the hospitality and commercial sales process, bringing everything into one platform. For instance, it includes a revolutionary new way to showcase your spaces to a customer in real time called 'TrueTour Drive.' Unlike screen share solutions which lower visual quality and often lag, TrueTour Drive mirrors your computer or device with what your customer is experiencing on their end, providing a lifelike immersive experience which builds connections at a distance.

TrueTour X also includes an entire RFI (request for information) platform, eliminating the need for submission forms and overcomplicated RFP systems. As you communicate with your lead from start to finish in one single platform, you can allow artificial intelligence, built into TrueTour X, to elevate your sales team's expert intuition. Gain AI insights in real time, delivered straight to each team member's dashboard, inbox and mobile device! Including other features such as an offline mode, the possibilities are endless to increase ROI, booking speed and conversion rates with each of these enhancements.

These exciting new features are just the tip of the iceberg in immersive selling innovation. With our economy rapidly adapting to a new reality of virtual preparedness, customers are more ready than ever to embrace these immersive marketing experiences as their new norm. Over a matter of weeks, you will see these virtual experiences be prioritized over more time-intensive, costly and inconvenient communication and meeting methods. TrueTour X helps companies meet the consumer where they are without missing a beat. Visit to learn about more of the new features included in this brand new platform.

About Visiting Media: Visiting Media is a technology and immersive content production company dedicated to delivering the world’s best visual selling tools to inspire, describe, promote and convey our customers’ spaces as early as possible in the buying cycle. We build innovative and powerful, yet simple solutions that deliver both traditional and immersive (360, 3D, virtual reality) content and focus on making selling easier, pragmatic and more joyful. Our products immediately increase conversions, selling speed, sales team efficiency and actionable data collection. (


Visiting Media Unveils TrueTour™ Version X: The Latest in Virtual Sales and Marketing Tech Advancements to be Released in 2021

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