Rookout Makes Its Rapid Debugging Software Free for Healthcare Organizations Fighting COVID-19

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rookout, the next-gen platform helping engineers build high-quality software quickly, is giving away its platform through the end of the year to healthcare organizations fighting COVID-19. The SaaS-based platform saves teams valuable time and resources spent building new features and fixing broken code, enabling them to focus on driving innovation and finding new solutions.

“The technology community is essential to mitigating this global crisis,” said Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout. “We need all hands on deck to help find solutions to the current situation, and eventually to save lives. Rookout wants to play a role in making sure high-quality solutions can be built fast.”

Software development teams using Rookout have seen the time it takes to make a single observation reduced from hours to a few seconds, minimizing the chore aspects of debugging and freeing up vital R&D resources. Everyone from doctors to nurses to researchers are relying on technology to do their job effectively, especially in a time of crisis that makes in-person gatherings unsafe and difficult.

“Rookout is an essential tool in helping our engineers to do more with less,” said Gil Regev, VP of Engineering at CyberMDX, a proactive cyber intelligence solution that keeps hospitals running smoothly. “Now more than ever, companies that can help healthcare organizations arrive at a solution faster, and have the proper compliances in place, need to get involved and contribute to the medical community.”

Rookout’s investors include Cisco Investments, TLV Partners, and Emerge; as well as industry leaders Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub; and John Kodumal, CTO and Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly.

About Rookout
Rookout is a SaaS product in the software development tool space. It lets software developers fetch data from their code quickly and easily, without breaking anything and without requiring long and complicated code changes and software deployments. This allows engineers to fix software on the fly, giving them time back to focus on building new business-critical applications, and thus increasing productivity.  It also saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly by reducing high maintenance costs that come from traditional logging and debugging -- with zero friction, overhead, or risk.

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