Surge of Power Enterprises holds virtual premiere screening for all in need of some comic relief

SAN DIEGO, CA, April 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vincent J. Roth, creator and star of the Surge of Power series of superhero movies is pleased to announce a free virtual film screening of his newest short film “Surge of Power: Doctor Who Tribute” to help all enjoy some laughter during the nation’s social distancing protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic. The “Doctor Who Tribute” is a comedic parody celebrating over 50 years of the beloved Doctor Who television series that pokes light-hearted fun at some of the most charming tropes in the Doctor Who TV show.

The screening is free on Vimeo this Saturday, April 4th @ 10pm Easter / 9pm Central / 8pm Mountain / 7pm Pacific and will kick-off via a Live Facebook introduction followed by Q&A. The film features cameos from over 25 Doctor Who actors representing every era of The Doctor from the 1st Doctor up to the 13th Doctor, with a special cameo from Nichelle Nichols (the iconic Lt. Uhura from "Star Trek") appearing in her continuing role as Omen in the "Surge of Power" superhero movies.

Vincent J. Roth, a corporate attorney by day, has always loved sci-fi shows and films and created the "Surge of Power" series of superhero movies to help entertain sci-fi and superhero fans. Like many others, he has long enjoyed the Doctor Who television series. Vincent portrays Surge, the superhero, as he is also an actor and screenwriter, who enjoys hosting events for his latest films, but given the current social distancing, he wanted to offer this premiere virtually so audiences can enjoy the debut remotely. "In light of the current state of the world, I want to help lift people’s spirits, so we decided to show the movie virtually, offer some fun comedy and engage in a live online format while people are at home,” stated Vincent J. Roth. "This film event is not just for Doctor Who fans, but all audiences, to provide some much needed laughter, even if for a few minutes, which I believe we all need during this time."

To view the Live Facebook introduction, watch the film and view/participate in the live Q&A, follow three easy steps: 

Step 1: This is the Vimeo link for the movie: Have it handy.

Step 2: Join us on Facebook Live at the Surge of Power Facebook page ( @ 10pm Eastern Time - 7pm Pacific Time. We will take a few minutes to (1) introduce the movie, (2) provide you the password for Vimeo, (3) make sure you have the Vimeo link, and (4) then give you time to watch the movie on Vimeo for FREE.

Step 3: After watching the movie, come back to Facebook Live for Q&A and a chance to win prizes! You will use the chat function on Facebook Live to ask questions to us and to answer our questions to win prizes.

Come laugh with us this Saturday in a new movie viewing experience. In the meantime, please enjoy the movie trailer:


About Surge of Power Enterprises, LLC

Surge of Power Enterprises is a small, independent production company in California creating fun superhero media with lots of celebrity cameos featuring cinema’s first out gay superhero. Its first feature film, Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes, screened 2004 and was released 2006. The second feature film, Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel, screened 2016, won 4 awards and was released 2018. Next is the short film Surge of Dawn, a crossover event with the award-winning web series DAWN by Pajarito Productions, which is currently screening and recently won “Best Visual Effects” at the HBO Urban Action Showcase. The company now debuts its “Doctor Who Tribute,” a fan-film style homage to this popular British show. Continuing adventures of Surge can be seen in the ongoing web series Surge of Power: Big City Chronicles, now in its fourth season. 


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