Parascript and Le Mans Tech Partner to Offer Integrated Automation Solutions to Small and Midsize Banks

Longmont, CO, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parascript, which supplies the digital workforce with automated data entry solutions that process over 100 billion documents annually, announced today its new partnership with Le Mans Tech, LLC to offer affordable check and document automation solutions to small and midsize businesses. Le Mans Tech, LLC specializes in process automation, networking and document management to improve client operations while maintaining compliance and reducing costs.

Le Mans Tech has a tightknit team that is growing rapidly due to the success of its Daytona document solution, which now leverages Parascript CheckPlus and CheckUltra.

“Initially, we were looking for a higher accuracy read on checks and found it with Parascript,” said Tom Boser, Co-Founder of Le Mans Tech. “Our new partnership provides a lot more flexibility in how we manage licenses. We also discovered that Parascript’s SDKs are easy to integrate and took less than a day to get up and running so we thoroughly tested them. Besides, the customer support is phenomenal.”

The document automation, which Le Mans Tech provides small and midsize financial institutions, is in high demand because many banks are looking to scale up their existing automation and reduce their data entry. They need to rapidly extract key data automatically from their paper and born-digital documents to store in their systems. Also, that data must be extremely accurate. Le Mans Tech eliminates manual keying where possible so Daytona users can focus on the broader process and only perform data validation, which there is less need for due to the higher accuracy and ease-of-use offered by Parascript software.

“Le Mans Tech is a terrific partner for us because they understand their clients’ challenges, have successful, landmark implementations and extensive experience integrating intelligent capture into their custom solutions,” said Ati Azemoun, Vice President of Business Development at Parascript. “Small and midsize companies are often still manually doing their document processing because it’s too expensive to adopt new and updated automation. Together, we offer formidable check processing, form recognition and invoice capture automation solutions within a unique system that is Daytona.”

Often the automation that companies have is almost a decade old, limited to a department or not implemented fully because of the expense to implement, maintain and sustain those legacy systems. By leveraging Parascript’s proprietary deep learning algorithms, checks and other documents are processed in a significantly smarter, more human-like way.

“This is a word-of-mouth environment where we get referrals based on our previous successes. There are a lot of areas we are expanding into with intelligent document processing,” said Mr. Boser. “We are building small business solutions to automate a wide range of processes that are highly capable offered at the right price-point. Since we are all about excellent service, it’s nice to have a partner like Parascript that is looking out for us.”


About Le Mans Tech, LLC

From networking, document management to process flow automation, Le Mans Tech, LLC improves the clients’ operations while lowering costs, improving productivity and maintaining compliance. Le Mans Tech utilizes Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies and software to manage documents and create workflows to automate processes. In addition to ECM, Le Mans Tech also specializes in network design, workflow optimization, business process automation, document management and records management. Visit Le Mans Tech.

About Parascript, LLC

Parascript supplies the digital workforce with AI-based software that automates human tasks involved with document-based information. Parascript provides intelligent capture leveraging machine learning with real-time adaptability and auto-configuration. Our software offers easy-to-use, image-based analysis, classification, data location, extraction and verification. More than 100 billion documents for financial services, government organizations and the healthcare industry are analyzed annually by Parascript software. Parascript offers its technology both as software products and as software-enabled services to our partners. Our BPO, service provider, OEM and value-added reseller network partners leverage, integrate and distribute Parascript software in the U.S. and across the world. Visit Parascript.


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