Ziyen Energy Chairman, David Greenberg, interviewed on leading podcast, “Tell Me Something Good”, to discuss COVID-19 and the parallels that faced the mental toll for the US nation post 9/11

Chula Vista, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Greenberg, Ziyen Energy Chairman, is interviewed by Steve Nudelberg, on his podcast “Tell me something good” to discuss what the world is currently going through with COVID-19 and the parallels that faced the mental toll for the US nation post 9/11.

LINK TO PODCAST- “Tell Me Something Good with David Greenberg

David Greenberg is currently Chairman of Greenberg Capital, LLC.  He previously served three terms on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Board as well as the Executive Board, where he helped oversee a growth in valuation from $800 million to $12 billion and one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPO’s) in U.S. history. He was also President of Sterling Commodities Corporation, one of the largest local commodity clearinghouses. During his tenure with NYMEX, David was involved in the development and widespread adoption of the very first electronic trading platform to emerge in the commodity trading industry.

It was David’s time working at NYMEX, where he was a 9/11 survivor, and in this podcast he discusses what happened at Ground Zero on that day, and how this moment in time had a profound effect on a change to our society.

Just like any disaster in human history, Greenberg focuses on the positive of us getting through it, and how in any disaster there are new heroes.

Greenberg states,

“To all the health care workers out there, doctors, nurses, technicians, medical staff, administrators, food service workers, pharmacists, security guards, our military deployed to set up hospitals and deliver aid — our nation owes you our thanks and our lives.

Once this is over, and we will get through it, we must always remember all the selfless people who are endangering themselves and their loved ones for all of our benefit.”

Steve Nudelberg, "Tell Me Something Good" host adds,

“It's always great to hear something good and never before has Rule # 21 (Tell Me Something Good) from my book, Confessions of a Serial Salesman, been more relevant. This podcast allows us to span the globe engaging with entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, entertainers, and more to discuss 'What's Good'!

David is a friend and fellow Junior Achievement of South Florida Board Member. He provides some great insights on dealing with a crisis from a financial perspective and he's one of the most philanthropic guys I know!"

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