Bonsa Health Brings Free Medication Delivery to Patients of Encore Telemedicine

New Partnership Completes the Circle in Online Consultation and Treatment with Direct-to-Home Prescription Fulfillment

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Tampa, Florida, April 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bonsa Health, a leading provider of online-based pharmaceutical services, proudly announces that it has joined forces with Encore Telemedicine to enable Encore prescribers to identify the best available prices on certain drugs and arrange for free home delivery—all in one seamless transaction.

The move gives physicians, who conduct consultations through the Encore Telemedicine platform, the advantage of knowing that the drugs they order will arrive at the front door of the people who need them, eliminating unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.

“That makes a world of difference, especially when it comes to reaching people who have been advised to self-quarantine because of the coronavirus,” said Shay Hutchison, VP of Sales and Marketing for Encore Telemedicine. “Now, in Bonsa Health, we believe we have found the perfect partner to provide this important services while the country is observing social distancing in order to curb the spread of Covid-19.”

Hutchison described Encore Telemedicine as a “virtual healthcare staffing solution” that helps administrators at under-served schools, organizations, nursing homes, urgent care centers, and community hospitals connect their patients to providers through telemedicine. Similarly, the company also works “hand-in-virtual-hand” with physicians who want to expand their practices online.

“In general, doctors have their own well-known aversions to dealing with PAs (prescription authorizations and other obstacles that come with selecting pharmacies for prescription fulfillment,” explained Bonsa Health COO John Asfour. “By any measure, we make a welcome addition to Encore Telemedicine, particularly in the eyes of customers who depend on online access to healthcare and therefore stand to benefit the most from free delivery.”

According to the company’s website, Encore Telemedicine acts as a conduit among patients and a national network of providers to facilitate more convenient and cost-effective telehealth services across all 50 states; in turn, handling all the credentialing and malpractice coverage as well. 

“Our goal is to help providers see patients online with as little hassle as possible,” Hutchinson said. “We even provide HIPPA-compliant software that physicians can use to perform online virtual healthcare consultations in accordance with all regulatory guidelines.”

“That’s great news for patients seeking routine healthcare services of every description, ranging from general preventative care, skin conditions, and regular medication maintenance to psychiatric treatment, behavioral counseling, and beyond,” said Asfour. “But it’s perhaps even better news for others who stand a better chance of avoiding COVID-19 altogether as a result.”

That, of course, would be the best news of all.

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About Encore Telemedicine

Encore Telemedicine specializes in staffing fully credentialed medical professionals across specializations to provide online patient consultations as a means to increase revenue, improve access to care, decrease wait times, and free-up office staff. There are no upfront costs to providers for participating in the platform. Physicians interested in learning more are encouraged to call 1-800-809-6588, email at or sign-on for a free consultation at Program administrators are invited to call 770-663-9988 for details.

About Bonsa Health

Bonsa is a nationwide digital pharmacy making same day delivery of prescription medications. Bonsa Health was designed to put patients at the center of the healthcare circle, giving them the ability to make better, more affordable prescription refill decisions. Built on a brand-new, technologically advanced “hub-style” framework, Bonsa operates at the intersection among medication manufacturers, prescribing physicians, and independent pharmacists to ensure that customers receive the medications they need at the most competitive prices available. Many Bonsa prescriptions qualify for free delivery via ScriptDrop within 3-hours of order placement. Learn more at


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