Lifesprk GO! Powered by Envoy America Fills Critical Need for Seniors and Jobseekers Amid COVID-19 And Beyond

St. Louis Park, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

Minneapolis, MN, April 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lifesprk has entered into a partnership agreement with Envoy America to provide an innovative co-branded transportation service called ‘Lifesprk GO!! Powered by Envoy America,’ to seniors as part of Lifesprk’s 7 element partner offerings.

“Seniors need our support now more than ever. Despite ‘stay home’ orders, many seniors still require life-sustaining treatments including kidney dialysis, oncology, and infusion treatments. Additionally, many struggle to get the supplies they need to remain healthy and safe at home,” said Joel Theisen, BSN, Lifesprk CEO. “Community-based initiatives, including transportation options, will fill a critical need in helping seniors stay healthy and safe while home in the weeks ahead. Additionally, as many people are laid off or furloughed, this provides a temporary income for those looking to make a difference for people in need.”

Theisen explained that family caregivers are often the main support system for seniors but COVID19 has provided many challenges in helping them get their loved ones to where they need to be while also keeping themselves healthy.

According to K.C. Kanaan, CEO of Envoy America, Lifesprk and Envoy America’s mission, values, and culture of putting people first aligned well. “Partnering to co-brand Lifesprk GO! addressed many concerns seniors have about traditional transportation services giving them more than just a curb-to-curb drop off but a true individualized service without boundaries.  “Our company’s mission is to help the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled stay independent, healthy, and socially active without getting behind the wheel of a car,” said Kanaan. “During this pandemic, we are also able to bring seniors their medicine, durable medical equipment or groceries. Making sure those most at risk have everything they need is paramount.”

“Social isolation remains a major risk factor for seniors’ health and transportation difficulties are often a top contributor to why seniors aren’t connected or engaged with the people, places, and things that provide meaning in their life,” said Theisen. “Seniors want autonomy, to come and go and enjoy life on their own terms. Being able to provide this service differentiator is so important.”

While Lifesprk GO! addresses transportation gaps, its whole person approach does more than just provide curbside transportation. “We tailor the ride to the goals of each senior, driving and escorting them to activities they choose including medical appointments, and when this pandemic is over, that list includes religious services, grocery shopping, sporting events, theater, cultural events, even family get togethers – whatever they desire,” said Kanaan. “Unlike campus senior vans, Lifesprk GO! provides confidential transportation for seniors seeking privacy in where they are traveling.”

Lifesprk GO! drivers are companions who are trained to understand the varying needs and challenges seniors face. Through a program designed and administered by Jan Dougherty, Director (retired) of Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, Lifesprk GO! Driver Companions receive extensive training on how to transport riders with dementia to make each journey as anxiety free and pleasant as possible.

“We will get back to living a sparked life,” said Theisen. “For now, Lifesprk GO! is filling an immediate need giving seniors access to a service that can help them get what they need to remain healthy, safe, and independent.”

To reserve Lifesprk GO! call 888.375.5558.

About Lifesprk
Based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Lifesprk’s Life Experience Alternative Delivery System (LEADS) is a proprietary, technology-enabled delivery system focused on the whole person that improves client experience and quality outcomes, lowering the total cost of care and building life-long affinity. Trusting relationships are established through whole-person primary care, life management, engagement, and navigation services working within a high-performance community network. Its technology stack combines EMR, SDOH, first- and third-party data to enable predictive analytics for scalable individualized solutions for all stakeholders. The first complete payor-agnostic community-based delivery system, LEADS can be applied to a full continuum of care settings and reimbursement models, putting Lifesprk at the forefront of value-based care initiatives. With an award-winning culture committed to sparking lives, Lifesprk has a proven track record of consistent growth with solid financials and outcomes as well as experience scaling and integrating with a wide range of partners. Visit   

About Envoy America
Envoy America helps seniors, stay independent, healthy and socially active – all without getting behind the wheel of a car. Envoy America is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S. that is solely focused on seniors and people that cannot or shouldn’t drive. Envoy America is preferred by senior passengers and drivers for its safe and friendly experience, and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of seniors. Call Envoy America at (888) 375-5558 to schedule an appointment. For more information, visit

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