Atlanta, GA, April 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ATLANTA, GA APRIL 9, 2020 -- To say that the city of Atlanta has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis in a number of ways would be an understatement. Many families have lost sustainable income, schools have lost students and the economy has seen better days. Despite these temporary setbacks, some have found positivity in perseverance and rewards as a result of their resilience. As hundreds of people have been laid off and certain industries have had to close their doors altogether, we would like to highlight those that have found a way to fight through these challenges and remain visible.

The world as a whole is now in the midst of the CoronaVirus battle to maintain the health and safety of its population. After analyzing how companies have handled this worldwide outbreak, it was interesting to hear how firms like New Acquisitions have adapted to these trying times.

In a time when a number of businesses are closing their doors and laying off their employees in the wake of the latest pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe, New Acquisitions is one of the few companies in the Greater Atlanta area that is still providing opportunities and continuing operations.

  “We are very fortunate to continue operations and keep our employees safe during the current conditions of the world. Our partnership with major telecommunication companies  provides us the opportunity to supply essential services to those in our community. The importance of communication during times like these are more important than ever, and we must inform and educate those around us on the importance of a dependable service to be able to maintain that communication”-Andrew Kline, Co Director of Operations at New Acquisitions

While facing their own fair share of obstacles, New Acquisitions has managed to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and stability of their employees and continue overall business operations. Like many others, the firm has had to adjust their traditional business model to a more remote and digital focused infrastructure as well as adhering to all guidelines put forth by the CDC. The managers and leadership team have displayed a level of tenacity and resilience that one can only hope for in the face of challenging times.

“The most successful leaders are prepared to work alongside their team during times of crisis and take responsibility for any blowback that occurs along the way. They work to serve, and they ensure that their team is given every opportunity to succeed.” - Prince Davies, Co Director of Operations at New Acquisitions

In spite of the circumstances it is great to see organizations like New Acquisitions remain positive in the face of adversity and face challenges head on all while continuing to remain proactive and drive their business forward. It is evident that this team is prepared to make adjustments and pivot when necessary to achieve their goals. With this display of fortitude and optimism we are sure that the remainder of 2020 will bring this firm much success.

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