Pop Artist Emmanuel Kelly, Australia’s X-Factor Sensation, Releases New Music Video “Never Alone” Featuring Demi Lovato, Terrance Howard and Chris Martin

The music video produced by Kunal Sood and Henry Finn is designed to promote inclusion as well as diversity and will, in tandem, launch the #NeverAlone and #NeverAloneChallenge, which is a challenge of authenticity, in an age of losing the drive to love ourselves is prevalent.

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Los Angeles, CA, April 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emmanuel Kelly, the Australian X-Factor sensation, is releasing his first music video for his song 'Never Alone. The video features many "A-List" celebrities and social impact Influencers joining him on his #NeverAlone and #NeverAloneChallenge to advocate global mental health and encourage people to virtually embrace and authentically connect while going through the Covid19 pandemic. The video will be premiered on Billboard Magazine and throughout various other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, and Emmanuel Kelly's website at www.EmmanuelKellyMusic.com.

Kelly has entertained close to 1 billion people worldwide after his rendition of the song "Imagine" by John Lennon on the Australian X-Factor show went viral. From there he has gone on to perform at other iconic platforms such as the United Nations.

A-List Celebrities featured in the video are Demi Lovato, Chris Martin, Emmanuel's two-time Para Olympian and World Champ Gold medalist brother Ahmed Kelly, Terrance Howard, JK Simmons, Elizabeth Moss, Jean Claude Van Dame and his son Kris, Pia Toscano, Royce da 5'9, Vanness Wu, Brian Grazer and his wife Veronica and nephew Jack Grazer and many more. They are sharing encouraging and inspirational 30-second cameos of raw, unfiltered, and heartfelt words telling the camera what they do to gain strength when they feel alone. 

The #NeverAloneChallenge involves viewers and fans to creatively express themselves through photos and videos on what they do when they feel alone as well. Those that feel comfortable are encouraged to share with the world their #NeverAloneChallenge on social media. 

Kelly wrote the song Never Alone when he was just 11 years old from the heartache of watching his mom go through the loss of a child, a boy named Edis. She was about to give up her humanitarian way of life when she felt something telling her she's not alone, to keep fighting and not give up. Kelly states, "After experiencing and watching her go through this, I realized that we are not alone. And if she had given up, my brother and I wouldn't be where we are today, so for that, I am very thankful for her courage, her strength and her commitment for not giving up." 

Never Alone was brought to life for the first time right after Kelly's appearance on Australia's X Factor, releasing it as a solo single. In essence, it made the charts, made the top 100 in Australia and around different parts of the world, but the song didn't make the impact he wanted. At the time, the song was more of an acoustic pop ballad, with slow beats and a melancholy sadness.

Kelly wanted to do something different with the song, so he took a step back and realized that the timing wasn't right. He stated, "I felt the need to have the song help bring us together because we as humans need to be in a place where we need to be going through something together to feel vulnerable," so he waited. He also wanted the song to make people feel happy, a get-up, and make you dance kind of song. Kelly came together with legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold in 2019 and re-mixed it with a higher energy pop sound creating the sing-a-long chorus that one can't help but sing along.

A new decade comes along, 2020 is here, and the Coronavirus has the world at a standstill. Kelly felt making the song a music video for the world to embrace was something tugging at his heart as feeling the effects of the quarantines is impacting everyone across the globe. Throughout this time of isolation, the #NeverAloneChallenge is relevant and timely as mental health and building community is so crucial for everyone.

Bringing in the celebrities was also an idea he had, so he asked a few that he knew, told them about his movement, and, within 24-72 hours, Kelly received three videos from significant stars. He thought if they believe in this movement, then he's onto global awareness to help those get through this crisis, so the timing was right.  

Never Alone music video is being produced by Kunal Sood (Founder and CXO of X Fellows and NOVUS Summit) and Henry Finn (Luminous Media US) with filming by each celebrity involved on iPhones showing the raw and unfiltered essence of being #NeverAlone.

Paul Oakenfold created the re-mix alongside Varun with Chris Martin as Executive Producer.

Never Alone will be on Kelly's upcoming EP that is coming out Fall of 2020. 

To find out more about Emmanuel Kelly, visit his website at www.EmmanuelKellyMusic.com. Get the latest updates from Emmanuel by following him on his social media accounts at Facebook @EmmanuelKellyNADA; Instagram @EmmanuelKellyOfficial, YouTube @MrEmmanuelKelly, and Twitter @EmmanuelkTwiter.

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Emmanuel Kelly, the Australian X-Factor sensation, is releasing his first music video for his song “Never Alone” featuring Demi Lovato, Terrance Howard, Chris Martin and more.

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