"AmeriCoin: It’s time to bail out Main Street" states Alastair Caithness Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor of Libertarian Party and CEO of Ziyen Energy

The development of AmeriCoin follows a similar model to ZiyenCoin and is fundamentally a tokenization of a verifiable pool of assets

SAN DIEGO, April 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The following are the statements and opinions of Alastair Caithness, Ziyen Energy and Ziyen Inc.

The CARES Act, the US Federal Government's recent stimulus bill of over US$2.2 trillion, has been heralded as necessary to save the United States from the devastation of economic collapse.

By following the Obama era playbook' $700 billion bail-out of Wall Street in 2008, the current approach of the Federal government will leave the American citizens vulnerable to the ravages of unemployment, hunger, poverty, illness and societal decay. While the Obama plan facilitated the insidious wave of bank foreclosures forcing hundreds of thousands of law abiding, tax paying citizens from their homes, the current plan may destroy the very fabric of American society leaving our people wholly dependent on the government for food, shelter, education and healthcare. While the Democrats make no secret of their plot to control every aspect of American life by creating a state of economic dependency, the Republicans seek to preserve the life we know by printing dollars out of thin air, pushing interest rates to zero and ushering in what will likely be the largest stagflation the modern world has ever known. None of this should be tolerable to any American who values their freedom and liberty.

AmeriCoin is a cornerstone pillar of the American Localization platform of the leading 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Adam Kokesh.

Alastair Caithness, Head of the AmeriCoin project, stated “AmeriCoin is the only feasible way to save Main Street America. The Federal stimulus plan will push too many Americans into poverty, dependent upon the Federal government for their survival.  This plan is exploding the Federal deficit, which will turn the US into a debtor nation, potentially destroying our economy and world standing well into the 21st century.  We need to end the Federal Reserve and our dependence on the hollowed out, but all-powerful US Dollar.  Instead, the US must distribute it vast resources directly to the American people. AmeriCoin is the best way to do this quickly and fairly."

AmeriCoin, the brainchild of Kokesh and Caithness, turns the Federal government's substantial resources into a usable currency which will be distributed to all American citizens.  This distribution will level the economic playing field for all Americans and will serve as a form of reparations and basic income for US citizens who have struggled to achieve economic liberty. AmeriCoin will exist as a digital asset and tokenized store of value, enabling the US economy to function without the controls of the Federal Reserve and the Federally chartered banking system.  Kokesh has stated that he will be able to distribute AmeriCoins to every US citizen on his first day in office.

Commenting on the US Federal Government stimulus package, Kokesh said, “The crisis is hitting many low-margin, service-industry companies particularly hard and destroying the small businesses that power much of the economy. Unemployment is heading to over 30%, but once again the Federal government's stimulus package is designed to bail out Wall Street. Our governments focus must always be to empower Main Street while defending individual liberty and without creating dependency on government. There is no better way to return power to the American people than by democratizing ownership of the Federal government’s assets through tokenization”

Caithness notes that "The development of AmeriCoin follows a similar model as ZiyenCoin and is fundamentally a tokenization of a verifiable pool of assets.  Of course, the vision of AmeriCoin is to replicate these innovations on a far larger scale utilizing all the assets of the Federal government, including its substantial land, energy, gold, timber and mineral reserves. The technology exists now to enable the Federal government to distribute the tokenized value of its significant real assets into the hands of Americans utilizing a digital wallet. It is possible to set up a digital wallet for every American and to make distributions of AmeriCoins by using Social Security numbers in a matter of days.”

About Ziyen Energy:

Ziyen Energy is a technology-driven energy company incorporated in the State of Wyoming, U.S.A. in April 2016. Originally formed as a software company providing information on the oil, gas, power and energy sectors, Ziyen specializes on business information, contracts, news and information by developing cutting edge procurement and supply chain software to provide clients with intelligence on industry specific government and private contracts. In addition, Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in oil assets based in Texas and the Illinois Basin, which covers Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. The equity of Ziyen Energy has been tokenized and issued as ZiyenCoin which is offered for sale as a Security Token pursuant to SEC Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.

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