New DecisionLink Program Provides Support for Companies Pursuing Growth in the Face of the New Business Normal

DecisionLink Guarantee defers order payments and pledges fee reimbursement for organizations that do not reach expected growth goals within one year

ATLANTA, April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The COVID-19 outbreak and community-level response has put businesses of all types, industries, and sizes under enormous strain; limiting effectiveness and opportunities while placing even greater emphasis on efficiency and execution. To help alleviate this pressure, Value Management pioneer DecisionLink has now launched a new program designed to facilitate an organization’s transition to Value Management. 

“Today, businesses have their backs against the wall, and Value Management is uniquely equipped to help them sustain or even grow operations despite the new realities of this pandemic and the new business normal that will surely exist far into the future,” said DecisionLink CEO and co-founder Jim Berryhill. “Value selling has always been the most effective way to engage with potential customers and boost the typical 20% sales conversion rate, so DecisionLink is committed to supporting those companies improve their prospects by making the move to Values Management an easy one.”

Value Management
Originally derived through manual, time-intensive internal or third-party analysis, Value Management has become more widely adopted by mainstream brands as new cloud-based technologies have allowed it to scale and be easily deployed across an organization.

Value Management at the enterprise level is an emerging business discipline that drives consistent growth, reduces churn, and aligns an organization’s entire operations behind value as a precise metric.

A number of leading brands, including ServiceNow with its “NOW Value Methodology” and VMware End User Computing with its “Customer for Life Mission” have already capitalized on this Value Management discipline to elevate value from individual deals to the entire enterprise.

DecisionLink Guarantee
To help an even greater number of companies tap into this trend, The DecisionLink Guarantee pledges a complete reimbursement of the first year’s subscription fees for new subscribers to ValueCloud®, the company’s proven enterprise-grade Value Management platform, if they do not achieve objective goals. As part of this pledge, the company is also deferring 50% of the initial order payment for 120-days to help companies impacted by COVID-19.

“A number of industries had already begun to embrace Values Management pre-COVID-19 because of the dramatic improvements in efficiency and effectiveness it delivers for a business,” continued Berryhill. “We believe that it could significantly aid companies under pressure today or uncertain about their future prospects and hope that the DecisionLink Guarantee helps eliminate any perceptions of risk or friction.”

In order to facilitate a successful implementation and onboarding, DecisionLink is further crediting 35% of the first-year subscription fees to the company’s proven Customer Onboarding Program, which delivers results in 30-days and Value Management excellence in 90-days.

Finally, DecisionLink also announced that it will commit 2.5% of its next 120-day revenue to Atlanta-based nonprofits, including Good Samaritan Health Center and Desire Street Ministries to support their work serving the city’s poor and homeless affected by COVID-19. The company’s founders, management, employees, directors, and shareholders have pledged to augment this donation by doubling the company’s total contribution amount.

“The Good Samaritan Health Center and Desire Street Ministries are two organizations DecisionLink is supporting,” said Berryhill. “Our friends Bill Warren of Good Samaritan Health Center and Danny Wuerffel of Desire Street Ministries have given their lives to helping the poorest and most disadvantaged among us. The need amongst the communities they serve has never been greater; it is a privilege to partner with them in ministering to those most desperately affected by COVID-19."

Adoption Protocol
The DecisionLink Guarantee is supported by the company’s proven Adoption Protocol. Developed to ensure transformative customer success, the Adoption Protocol marries ValueCloud technology with proven processes to achieve value at scale.

Customers that adopt the Protocol are eligible for the DecisionLink Guarantee and will realize improved sales conversions, lower discount levels, increased deal velocity, and greater competitive differentiation.

About ValueCloud
ValueCloud is a SaaS-based enterprise-class Customer Value Management platform helping companies such as Caterpillar, Marketo, VMware, CrowdStrike, DocuSign and ServiceNow measure, track, and communicate customer value assets. By storing and processing customer value data at an enterprise level, ValueCloud enables:

  • Product managers to price based on quantifiable value;
  • Marketers to communicate the economic value of solutions;
  • Salespersons to differentiate and elevate conversations by leading with value; and
  • Professional service and customer success teams to ensure solutions support value commitments and deliver on expectations.

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About DecisionLink

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is the first and leading solution for enterprise-class customer value management. The ValueCloud® enhances the value of CRM systems by providing the missing link to elevating conversations and shifting relationships from tactical to strategic by providing value insights from initial sales call all the way through to contract renewals. The ValueCloud® turns customer value insights into strategic assets that can be leveraged across the enterprise, from CXO’s, to line of business leaders, to Product Managers, to Marketers, to sales & sales support teams, to value managers. DecisionLink is trusted by top enterprise businesses, including Adobe, Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo, VMWare and more.

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