Semcasting and SpringServe Announce IP-Based Identity Resolution Integration

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Semcasting, creators of the patented IP targeting technology Smart Zones®, today announced a new partnership and integration with SpringServe, the leading independent video ad serving platform. The integration provides SpringServe clients with cookie-free data onboarding and activation as well as expands Semcasting data targeting into the connected TV (CTV) space.

Winterberry Group Research predicts marketing and advertising spend on addressable TV will see the largest growth in 2020 with a 44% increase from 2019 to $2.9 billion. This partnership between Semcasting and SpringServe empowers these CTV and over-the-top (OTT) marketers with self-service identity (ID) resolution, audience design and attribution.

Semcasting’s three-times patented Smart Zones platform addresses several inefficiencies with the current industry standard of ID resolution. Unreliant on cookies, Semcasting ID resolution match rates average 85% in minutes. This more than doubles the reach of the cookie-based benchmark which averages of 20% to 40% match rates and can take weeks. 

“SpringServe is proving to be one of the fastest-growing ad servers in the CTV space and by integrating with Semcasting, CTV audience targeting will be even more seamless,” said Ian Tattenham, vice president of partner development with Semcasting. “Our longtime commitment to cookie-free audience targeting is destined to disrupt the identity resolution space with a higher reach and quicker time to market.”

Publishers and broadcasters can be taxed by the big teams and high operational costs that are often required to effectively manage CTV and OTT technology and inventory. SpringServe helps video content creators seamlessly control their inventory to be able to dedicate more resources to talent and ultimately scale their CTV and OTT offerings. 

“Today, it is expensive and time-consuming for publishers to manage the different technologies for each streaming network,” said Joseph Hirsch, CEO of SpringServe. “Our goal is to give publishers, broadcasters, and developers a highly sophisticated tool to educate and empower through the SpringServe CTV ecosystem. This partnership with Semcasting helps us achieve an important part of that goal by offering better targeting with Semcasting’s patented and cookie-free methodology.”

To learn more about Semcasting and its partner integration program, please reach out to Ian Tattenham

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Semcasting, a data-as-a-service provider, created the next-generation in end-to-end audience design solution, including omnichannel onboarding, audience design and attribution in one self-serve platform. Our three-time patented Smart Zones IP Targeting platform onboards a wide-array of consumer, business, mobile and internet site traffic to both online and offline locations. Smart Zones uniquely links all cross-device activity for targeted advertising and attribution with nearly 100% reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, MA.

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