Enphase Energy Upgrade Program Enables Contact-Free Solar Sales and Installations

8,300 homeowners have registered for the service program that provides upgrade options for warranty holders of legacy Enphase microinverters, the Company’s earliest customers

Fremont, California, UNITED STATES

FREMONT, Calif., April 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world’s leading supplier of solar microinverters, today announced that over 8,300 homeowners have joined the Enphase Upgrade Program, a service initiative that gives homeowners several options for upgrading to the latest, more efficient and reliable microinverters from Enphase. The Enphase Upgrade Program can provide solar installers the opportunity for continued customer engagement, at prescribed social distancing requirements, through solar system upgrades.

The Enphase Upgrade Program is for warranty holders of legacy Enphase microinverters and represents the Company’s continued commitment to quality and service. Participation in the Enphase Upgrade Program is entirely voluntary, and Enphase continues to stand by its warranties for existing products in the field by leveraging insights into its customer base through advanced digital technologies.

“The Enphase Upgrade Program was built on the bedrock of Enphase Enlighten™, a world-class cloud-based platform that processes about four gigabytes of energy data daily, which we now leverage to automate direct outreach to Enphase system owners,” said Jayant Somani, vice president of digital transformation at Enphase Energy. “The Upgrade Program is one of the first customer-facing initiatives for which Enphase has harnessed the power of its big data infrastructure, and it has become clear that this strategic resource is a key enabler through which Enphase can continue to deliver an outstanding customer experience.”

The Enphase Upgrade Program is a close collaboration between Enphase, homeowners, and solar installers in North America. Homeowners with select legacy Enphase microinverters have several options to upgrade their solar systems with products from the Enphase IQ 7™ family of microinverters, including basic microinverter replacement or a full module and inverter upgrade with Enphase Energized™ AC Modules. AC Module upgrade customers also have the option to add always-on capability with Enphase Encharge™ storage products.

“During the coronavirus stay-at-home order, the Enphase Upgrade Program went from being an interesting service opportunity to an absolute necessity,” said Michael Tanuvasa, owner at SolarTech Hawaii LLC. “Our installation teams can keep ample social distance from homeowners during upgrade projects. It's a win-win for everyone because customers get an upgraded system at an excellent price, and we get to keep our team employed and working during this difficult time.”

“Once shelter-in-place orders forced our sales team to work remotely, it became clear that the Enphase Upgrade Program offered a compelling opportunity to keep our solar business going,” said Thomas Armstead, owner at Renewable Energy Works LLC. “Enphase sends us leads who have signed up for the upgrade program, and there is no need to sit at the proverbial kitchen table with them since they already have solar systems. We use email, phone calls, and the Enphase Enlighten solar monitoring platform to help customers understand how the latest Enphase microinverters can breathe new life into their systems. Nobody enjoys this shelter-in-place situation, but we’re grateful to have a way to stay productive.”

“The Enphase Upgrade Program has shown our customers that Enphase has a vested interest in building long-term relationships with its customers, and the seventh-generation Enphase IQ™ microinverters are so advanced that they are making our customers’ systems relevant for decades,” said Steve Olsen, president and chief engineer at Pacific Energy Strategies LLC. “The Enphase Upgrade Program is the ideal social distancing-friendly solar business that allows us to keep our solar technicians working. About 95% of the upgrade work is on the rooftop, and there is no need for personal interaction with the homeowners. Beyond that, Pacific Energy follows social distancing protocols, stocks hand sanitizer in every work vehicle, and we supply masks to all our technicians and subcontractors. Finally, since the inverter upgrade does not require new permits, this program eliminates the risk of social contact for our staff as well as local permitting administrators.”

“We first announced the Enphase Upgrade Program in November 2018, and I am delighted to see the effort continue to add value to homeowners and solar installers,” said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “Since its inception, the Upgrade Program’s cumulative average Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased, and the number of opt-ins has exceeded internal targets. Enphase extends its gratitude to all the solar installers who continue to be outstanding partners in providing great service to homeowners, and we are proud of the ingenuity and persistence they are putting forward during the disruption caused by the coronavirus.”

Program details are available in Enphase installer and homeowner webinars and on the Enphase Upgrade Program website.

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