Qentelli and Cloud Elements join forces with a Global Strategic Partnership

Accelerating enterprises’ business transformation via digital transformation

DALLAS and DENVER, April 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Qentelli, a leading systems integrator helping enterprises overhaul the IT value stream, and Cloud Elements, a pioneering API integration platform, today announced a strategic partnership agreement to accelerate enterprises’ business transformation via digital transformation.

“Fifty-two percent of the global Fortune 500 have turned over since just the year 2000. Competition is fiercer than ever and the only response our clients see is to transform the business. Business transformation requires the right foundation, a digital transformation, but few enterprises have a cohesive strategy to build that foundation,” said Sanjay Jupudi, CEO of Qentelli. “Cloud Elements can help our teams and our clients create more agile, effective application ecosystems that will become that foundation today, and tomorrow.”

Cloud Elements’ customers will benefit from Qentelli’s knowledgeable team to support delivery of ever more complicated integration scenarios at scale and strength serving enterprises with hybrid environments and integration needs.  Qentelli’s customers will benefit from access and support with Cloud Elements’ API integration platform, which is unique in the integration platform space in that it offers developers normalized integration methods for any API as well as virtualized data models that decrease the disruption of IT changes and improve data governance.

“We know the good, bad, and ugly of integrating the APIs in the world. Better data-driven decisions, rapid innovation, and connected customer experiences require a partner ecosystem that understands how people use data. Qentelli offers a unique, step-by-step approach to rearchitecting the IT value chain, which makes them a strong partner,” said Mark Geene, CEO of Cloud Elements.

Cloud Elements is changing the economics of integration, offering a different approach to reduce the pain and cost of point-to-point integrations amidst rapid API proliferation. Combining the extensive experience of Qentelli and the innovative platform from Cloud Elements, the partnership will allow customers to deliver integration projects on-time with greater success.

About Qentelli
Qentelli, a technology company based out of Dallas, TX accelerates digital transformation and cloud transformation journeys through implementation of DevOps, Automation, Agile transformation, AI, and Deep learning. Qentelli summarizes its offerings for clients in one line as–Enabling Business Transformation through Digital Transformation. Qentelli is providing end-to-end services in the areas of Application Development and Delivery by applying core engineering principles. Forrester recently recognized Qentelli’s efforts at using AI and ML in augmenting human testers.

More information can be found at qentelli.com.

About Cloud Elements 
Cloud Elements brings harmony to the world of APIs, allowing software providers to innovate faster and plug into digital ecosystems. The company’s one-to-many virtualized API integration platform enables developers to unify thousands of APIs, build common data models for core business functions, and reduce the pain, cost, and complexity of integration. Founded in 2012, Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and serves customers worldwide.

More information can be found at cloud-elements.com.

Media Contact:
Brian Busch
Director of Product and Alliances Marketing, Cloud Elements
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