Automation Hero Announces Hero_Sonar for Intelligent Process Mining

A new approach to process mining with actionable AI

SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN and LONDON, April 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As business processes grow more complex, organizations are turning to process mining to audit and analyze current performance for process improvement opportunities. 

But traditional process mining tools lack the ability to make those findings both actionable and intelligent. Today, intelligent automation startup Automation Hero is fundamentally changing how companies approach process mining by introducing Hero_Sonar.

Beyond discovering processes ripe for improvement, Hero_Sonar turns low-quality data into valuable insights and from there into AI decision models. The AI models can then be used to automate business processes in Automation Hero’s point-and-click Flow Studio. 

This is incredibly important in the current health climate as hospitals improvise quickly in the face of new challenges. Automation Hero can help hospitals see what is happening, find what is working and more importantly, turn those decisions into an AI model for automation. By combining a hospital’s historical data of what has been successful with anonymized individual patient data, patients can be treated appropriately, more quickly. This can include issuing prescriptions faster for non-COVID patients, treatment options for current patients and using symptom analysis to faster predict how to treat new patients.

Automation Hero is committed to making this technology accessible in the fight against COVID-19 and is offering its platform free of charge to the healthcare community. For more information, visit:

“Businesses need to improve current processes, but they struggle with how to approach the problem,” said Andrew Brust, founder and CEO of Blue Badge Insights. “By bringing process mining together with AI, not to mention its core automation and data integration capabilities, Automation Hero closes the loop between these workloads. Along the way, it busts the software category silos in which each of these functionality areas has been held captive.”

More real-world examples:

  • Service Desk: When handling escalations via email or call, intelligent process mining can help employees determine the next best step. By training an AI model to predict escalations from historical data, low escalations can be automatically handled and high escalations routed to the appropriate channels.
  • Insurance:  When analyzing how insurers handle claims, intelligent process mining can show patterns in approvals and automate fairer outcomes.
  • Sales: When analyzing the customer journey through process mining, an AI model can be trained to predict churn or cross-and-upsell opportunities.  

Deeper insight

Process mining is historically limited to visualizing processes from single data sources or requires long, expensive data prep processes. In most companies, data comes from multiple sources, is large and never clean.

Hero_Sonar leverages the power of the Automation Hero platform to harmonize data of any size or system, structured or unstructured, with easy point-and-click functions. Visualize data in detail-rich responsive dashboards.

Intelligent automation         

Current process mining tools visualize historical data but fail to make that data actionable. At best, they provide a chart to help build automation bots in a completely different environment. 

With Hero_Sonar, turn process maps into AI models that can be used to automate processes or augment employee decision-making. Imagine training an AI model with the wisdom of company experts. 

Real-time business impact

Automation tools such as RPA run as a black box with no insight into how they work. Business-critical automations require better.

As part of an end-to-end platform, Hero_Sonar seamlessly integrates with Flow Studio to give clear visibility into what is happening on a business (e.g. average number of quotes sent) or technical (e.g. how many emails were processed) level.

Comprehensive reporting 
Combine process mapping with general-purpose dashboards for a more holistic business view.

“We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI,” said Stefan Groschupf, founder and CEO of Automation Hero. “Best-of-breed products only solve a small part of the larger business automation effort.  But when all of these tools come together in an end-to-end platform, it's a powerful combination that gives our customers more value faster."

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Monique Sherman
Head of Marketing, Automation Hero