Wowza Media Systems Launches Coronavirus Live Streaming Resource Library

Global live streaming leader ensures ongoing success through compilation of resources supporting customers and the community at large during COVID-19 pandemic

DENVER, April 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wowza Media Systems™, the market leader in reliable, secure and low-latency streaming infrastructure that enables video delivery across the globe, recently launched a live streaming resource library to support organizations and the public in adjusting to life in the midst of a global pandemic. 

“The spread of COVID-19 has transformed live video technology into nothing short of a necessity,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza. “We’re all in this together, and at Wowza, we’re proud to leverage our expertise to provide valuable resources for anyone looking to utilize live streaming to stay connected.”

With social distancing mandates aimed at reducing the spread of the virus and an increased number of people around the globe staying at home, global streaming viewing skyrocketed nearly 21% during the first three weeks of March, and the U.S. saw a 26.6% rise in streaming viewing hours.

Offering materials, resources and information focused on how organizations and individuals can successfully adapt to changing needs, Wowza’s live streaming resource library includes:
Live Streaming 101:

COVID-19 Solutions:

How To:

Facebook Live:

The company is also continuing to create additional material to educate the public and address any streaming needs that may arise. 

Religious services, at-home concerts, virtual events, college courses, fitness classes and government organization press conferences are all now being broadcast over the internet due to stay-at-home orders. Live video streaming is also being leveraged to power emergency communications, telehealthremote classrooms and other virtual gatherings.

Organizations like Carbyne and AngelEye Health are already leveraging Wowza’s streaming technologies in efforts to flatten the curve. Each time an individual in need makes an emergency call to a center leveraging Carbyne’s platform, they are prompted to enable a live video stream, which provides additional information to call-takers and paramedics about the patient’s physical well-being and location. Alternatively, AngelEye’s clinical communication platform allows families to monitor their newborn baby while being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), providing parents reassurance and 24/7 updates on their baby’s status. The company’s technology has been in high demand as hospitals restrict visitors due to coronavirus. Many ICU wards are also implementing the technology to comfort COVID-19 patients who can’t have visitors. For both Carbyne and AngelEye, Wowza provides the secure, reliable, low-latency streaming infrastructure that today’s reality demands. 

“In these unprecedented times, we recognize that our partners, customers, employees and communities have all been impacted by the novel coronavirus outbreak — and we want to assure you of our continued support,” continued Stubenvoll. “The pandemic demonstrates how essential virtual learning, video conferencing, telemedicine and similar technologies are to business continuity, and we expect streaming technologies to continue to power our increasingly virtual world.”

From next-generation applications to the critical technologies enabling their use, Wowza anticipates the future of streaming will center around improved interoperability, increased speed and ubiquitous streaming. For additional insights on the prominence of video streaming in 2020 and beyond, check out Wowza’s report, The Future of Streaming: 2020 and Beyond
For more information about how Wowza’s reliable, secure and low-latency live streaming technologies enable the world to face COVID-19 together — even if not physically so — please visit

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