Adventure Dental Opens Emergency Dental Hubs to Keep Dental Emergencies Out of Hospital Emergency Rooms in Kansas

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WICHITA, Kan., April 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every 15 seconds in the United States, someone enters the ER with a dental emergency. Not only is treating patients in an ER expensive, these facilities often aren’t equipped to properly treat dental conditions. With the extra burden of COVID-19 patients, keeping people out of Emergency Rooms right now is of vital importance. Now parents in Wichita and Topeka have another option for getting their children’s emergency dental needs treated safely. Adventure Dental has opened emergency dental hubs in Wichita and Topeka to serve the emergency dental needs of young patients. Patients experiencing a serious dental need can go to or call 316-600-3656 for Wichita and 785-246-9286 for Topeka to be screened and scheduled for an appointment.

The emergency dental hubs exist to relieve strain on our state’s emergency rooms and provide patients with an alternative to going to an ER. provides patients a safe environment to receive the dental care they need. Procedures performed in the urgent dental hubs will be limited to those outlined by the Kansas State Department of Health, which are primarily for getting patients out of severe dental pain or to correct issues that cause difficulty eating or breathing for patients. To help determine the urgency of dental needs, patients are required to be pre-screened at

Each of the hubs are staffed by licensed dentists within the state of Kansas and experienced dental professionals. To provide the safest environment for patients, all proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will be utilized, and all patients will be screened prior to entering the clinic for COVID-19 symptoms. In the event a patient is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or is at a greater risk for exposure, a TeleVisit consult will be administered remotely to help determine the proper course of action on a patient-by-patient basis. In addition, TeleVisits can be scheduled for patients who prefer to be seen remotely at this time.

As restrictions are slowly lifted in the coming months, the need for Urgent Hub will continue. Emergency rooms are not equipped to treat dental emergencies and we want our patients to get the care they need to get out of pain quickly and safely,” says Dr. Julie Bharucha of Adventure Dental, “We are looking forward to using this platform to get more patients the quality care they need.

The urgent dental hubs are for patients who either do not have a primary dental provider, or whose dental provider is unable to provide care during the COVID-19 outbreak. All patients are first asked to contact their primary dental provider, as most dental professionals are still trying to serve their active patient base with urgent and emergency needs. Most insurances, Medicaid dental, and other resources will be accepted, but all patients will be treated regardless of their ability to pay.

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