Lockdown Streaming: FilmOn goes 30 Days Free w/ 600 Channels, 1000s of movies

Streaming over 600 news, sports and entertainment channels in dozens of languages, and 1000s of film and television titles, the original streaming TV platform is giving the world access during the Coronavirus quarantine

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, April 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FilmOn TV Networks CEO Alki David has announced that he is making FilmOn TV free for 30 days to provide news and entertainment in dozens of languages to those under lockdown. FilmOn is available as an Android and iOS app and on the mobile web. Users can access 600 linear channels running classic movies, vintage television, music videos, news, sports and international programming, including the best array of UK and European programming. 

The current demand for sports is particularly well covered with channels devoted to MMA, football, soccer, basketball,  boxing, auto racing, tennis, wrestling and even darts and snooker.   The VOD service includes 1000s of OnDemand movie titles, including movies from directors John Ford, John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Charlie Chaplin and Federico Fellini

“We serve more content to more people around the world than any other platform,” said Alki David, CEO of FilmOn TV, which has  millions of subscribers around the globe. “Now we’re making FilmOn free during lockdown to help people stay informed and entertained.”

FilmOn TV includes movie channels devoted to Hollywood’s Golden Age, Westerns, Mysteries, Kung Fu films, all genres of Horror, and even one devoted to Japanese monster movies. There are multiple channels devoted to Food & Wine, Cars & Racing, Extreme Sports, Vintage Animation, and every type of music. There are top channels from across six continents including Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America and from the UK, France, Russia, Germany, and the Middle East. 

New On Demand titles are being added each week from the large FilmOn library which includes films on every genre. There are 640 Westerns (22 starring John Wayne and 24 directed by Quentin Tarantino-favorite William Whitney), 150 Broadway musical films, 50 Blaxploitation titles, 18 Bruce Lee related titles, dozens of 60’s CEuro sex comedies and 70’s Italian gothic giallo horror films, and countless war films and television documentaries. 100s of major stars represented include Jack Nicholson, Sophia Loren, Steve McQueen, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis and Richard Pryor.

FilmOn, founded by Alki David in 2006, was the pioneer in streaming television that ushered in the “cord cutting” era and the end of the cable bundle. The company demonstrated the need, desire, and value in enabling consumers to watch what they wanted, where they wanted to watch it. FilmOn also has affiliate program that lets individuals and brands create their own TV network (Read about that here.)

For access to all of FilmOn TV’s channels and on demand movies, enter code 30DAYSFREE at FilmOn.com

For more information and a complete list of films contact: press@swissx.com


FilmOn TV CEO Alki David at his Hollywood office with a mural of Jack Nicholson and Bob Dylan by graffiti artist Alec Monopoly. Watch 1000s of movies and 600 channels at FilmOn.com

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