Logical Clocks Bridges Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Gap with Hopsworks.ai

Stockholm, SWEDEN, April 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Logical Clocks, the Swedish enterprise behind Hopsworks - the world’s first data platform for designing and operating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications at scale with a feature store - announces the launch of Hopsworks.ai, taking the first step into artificial intelligence and big data space in Europe.

With Hopsworks.ai, Logical Clocks brings the open-source and award-winning Hopsworks platform, originally developed through European Union and Swedish financed research, to the cloud. According to Dr. Jim Dowling, CEO at Logical Clocks and Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Hopsworks.ai has the potential to become a strategically important platform in Europe, where the EU Commission aims to achieve digital sovereignty with key digital infrastructure, including platforms for big data and artificial intelligence, originated from European-owned companies.

''Europe has fallen behind in the key areas of cloud, big data, and AI, and we are at risk of digitalising our businesses and governments on platforms owned and operated by companies outside of the region. Hopsworks.ai is the first response by an European company to provide a managed platform for both Data and AI that can run on any cloud - even a future European cloud, such as the Franco-German project, GAIA-X,'' comments Dowling.

Dowling highlights that Hopsworks.ai is a full stack platform: it includes all the technologies needed to manage data and AI at large scale, thus reducing the time and costs of new AI models into production. With Hospworks, teams are able to develop, train and deploy AI applications with a ready-made, secure and governed data and processing infrastructure.

''Until now, feature stores have been the privilege of only a small number of hyperscale AI companies. For enterprises who missed the first wave and have not yet built feature stores, Hopsworks.ai enables them to make the jump to becoming data-driven,'' concludes Dowling.

Hopsworks.ai offers two product tiers: a free version and an Enterprise version. The free version will help individuals or organizations to get started with Hopsworks and the Feature Store, while the Enterprise version provides advanced features to support organizations in building production machine learning applications at scale.

To learn more about Hopsworks.ai and try it for free, click here.

About Logical Clocks Logical Clocks was founded by the team that created and continues to drive Hopsworks, a full-stack data-intensive platform for AI. With offices in Stockholm, London and Palo Alto, Logical Clocks aims to simplify the process of refining data into intelligence at scale.


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