Stress Management Course Helps Remote Workers’ Mental Health

Using PeopleKeys DISC for understanding your internal stress management system

Boardman, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Youngstown, OH, April 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We all have stress, both good and bad. Stress doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, wealth or geographic location, and one person’s stress is no more or less important than another’s. What is important however is how we manage that stress. PeopleKeys has been unlocking human potential for over 35 years, using DISC and other behavioral assessments, and is now releasing a new online Stress Management course to help people understand how to manage their stress using DISC behavioral principles.

“DISC theory has been around for decades, but PeopleKeys’ DISC tool has been highly validated for use in understanding human behaviors, including how people act or react under stress,” says Dr. Sandy Kulkin of PeopleKeys. The DISC assessment, combined with the stress management experience of Dr. Sandy Kulkin and Dr. Bradley Smith, co-founders of PeopleKeys, has led to the creation of its latest online Stress Management training course.

“It’s important to understand your team; to know how they act in a normal state and how they act under pressure. You might see a difference in how the people on your team behave during crisis or in stressful situations, and you can’t assume everyone is ok. Stress affects everyone differently. We developed this course to help people understand and activate their internal stress management mechanisms through DISC; why they behave the way they do under stress and how to manage it,” says Dr. Bradley Smith, President of PeopleKeys.

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With a recent study showing that 35% of all remote workers are currently facing mental health challenges, this stress management course couldn’t come to fruition at a better time. Times of crisis, such as this pandemic, are times of high stress. With people stuck inside alone or even with their families for long periods of time, tension can grow and people become in dire need of mental health care. Taking this course won’t eliminate stress completely, but it will help people to understand their stress triggers and how they can reframe their mindset to be able to pivot and make their stress more manageable.

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What is stress? PeopleKeys new Stress Management course identifies good and bad stress, and how to use the DISC Personality System for managing bad stress.

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