The National League of Junior Cotillions® is seeking directors for new chapters

NLJC is the nation’s leading character education program

Charlotte, NC, April 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a society marked by ongoing ambitions and fast communication via technology, it is often difficult to provide students with comprehension of timeless manners that will prepare them for their future. The National League of Junior Cotillions® helps students actively learn courtesies through a creative method employing role playing, skits, and games, along with standard ballroom dance and line dancing.

NLJC is made up of over 120 licensed directors who have been trained to equip school aged children to develop everyday etiquette skills while also instilling strong character traits such as honor, dignity, and respect. We are currently looking for Directors to expand into new territories available across the country.  Each chapter is an independent franchise operated by a local Director.  Our next New Director Training will take place in August of 2020 in Charlotte, NC.

When asked about the expansion, Charles Winters, President of the National League of Junior Cotillions, affirms that, “This program is making a positive impact on students across the nation and we are delighted to know more young people will be having the opportunity to utilize this vital training.”

If you are interested in helping shape the youth of today into well rounded leaders of tomorrow, consider filling out a Pre-Application on our award-winning website (  Nominations for cotillion directors are also being received at this time.  For more information, or call 1-800-633-7947. 



NLJC Directors and students at the final event of the season. Junior Cotillion students practicing NLJC dance steps at the Grand Spring Ball.

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