Bonsa Health Signs Prescription Delivery Partnership with Policlinik

New Partnership Offers Free Same-Day Rx and Medication Delivery to Policinik Patients

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Tampa, Florida, April 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bonsa Health (“Bonsa” or the “Company”), a leading provider of online-based pharmaceutical services, proudly announces today that it has proudly partnered with Policlinik (the “Partnership”) to enable patients on the platform to fill their prescriptions and arrange for home delivery — all in one seamless transaction.

The Partnership allows patients, who consult with board certified licensed doctors through the Policlinik platform, the advantage of knowing that the prescriptions they recieve will arrive at their front door, eliminating unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.

Policlinik is a healthcare app where you can chat to doctors 24/7, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home and even get your prescriptions filled for the most affordable prices.  Policlinik provides special services in some regions like the United States where you can not only speak to a doctor but also get lab work, treatment, and now thanks to the Partnership with Bonsa Health, free nationwide prescription fulfilment and delivery, making Policlinik a true virtual clinic. 

“Speaking to a doctor from the comfort of your home and getting your prescriptions filled is innovative, but getting medications delivered right to your doorstep for free is life changing and life saving,” commented Dr. Victor Figueroa CEO of Policlinik

“Bonsa is extremely excited to partner with Policlinik, and to serve their customers who depend on remote access to healthcare and therefore stand to benefit the most from at-home medication delivery,” added John Asfour, Chief Operating Officer of Bonsa Health. “As the COVID-19 pandemic has patients across the United States carrying out self-quarantine and social distancing measures, while hospitals and physical point-of-care hubs are inundated with the infected, remote access to telemedicine services has never been so crucial.” 

The Partnership between Bonsa and Policlinik empowers people to stay at home and get medical attention and prescription fulfilment all in one mobile app platform, with free delivery to the patient’s front step.

Further to the Emerald Organic Products, Inc. (OTC: EMOR) announcement on March 27, 2020 regarding their acquisition of a 51% stake in Bonsa Health, this Partnership follows Bonsa Health’s recent announcements on April 6, 2020 regarding the Company’s partnership with Encore Telemedicine, on April 9, 2020 regarding the Company’s partnership with HOMECARE2GO™, and on April 23, 2020 regarding the Company’s partnership with TeleMed2U

About Policlinik

With you, Everywhere. Policlinik is an affordable health care app you can use from anywhere, whether you're travelling or just don't want to leave the house. Simply register with a few simple steps and you're in. No need for messy paperwork, and no wait time. Download the free Policlinik iPhone app here or the free Policlinik Android app here and speak to a doctor 24/7.

About Bonsa Health

Bonsa is a nationwide digital pharmacy making same day delivery of prescription medications. Bonsa Health was designed to put patients at the center of the healthcare circle, giving them the ability to make better, more affordable prescription refill decisions. Built on a brand-new, technologically advanced “hub-style” framework, Bonsa operates at the intersection among medication manufacturers, prescribing physicians, and independent pharmacists to ensure that customers receive the medications they need at the most competitive prices available. Many Bonsa prescriptions qualify for free delivery via ScriptDrop within 3-hours of order placement. Learn more at

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