MMR Vaccine May Protect People Over 50 from COVID-19 According to World Organization

Evidence shared by Dr. Larry P. Tilley indicates it is possible the MMR vaccine is what protects the young from COVID-19, and this same vaccine could possibly also protect older adults

ATLANTA, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epidemiological data revealed in an MMR vaccines and COVID-19 investigation by World Organization suggests it is possible that widely deployed MMR and other measles-rubella containing vaccines protect older adults as well as the young from COVID-19.

Hong Kong is a prime example of a region which has extended its MMR vaccination campaigns to include many adults. A city with nearly the same population as New York City, Hong Kong has seen only four deaths from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. New York City, by contrast, has had over 12,500 deaths during the same period.

­­­­­­­World Organization’s conclusion that MMR vaccines may have a protective effect has been corroborated by a recent unreviewed study be neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge indicating the rubella component of MMR has a protective effect against COVID-19.

About Dr. Larry P. Tilley
Dr. Larry P. Tilley is a board-certified internist and medical consultant who currently assists over two dozen pharmaceutical companies in the development of new medications and protocols.

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World Organization is a 501c3 nonprofit charity based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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