Modular Data Centers from Edge Data Solutions Resolve Bandwidth Bottlenecks Created During the COVID-19 Crisis

Working at home, streaming, and gaming create bandwidth surges that can be alleviated by placing efficient, affordable edge-computing data centers at network congestion points

ATLANTA, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Edge Data Solutions, Inc. (OTC:EDGS) ("EDSI" or the "Company") a leading-edge data center and cloud infrastructure company with compelling strategic advantages, is deploying modular, edge-computing data centers to address sudden surges in bandwidth during the COVID-19 crisis.

With the imposition of stay-at-home orders around the U.S, important market sectors face unprecedented demands on bandwidth for streaming services, gaming, and the remote-only workforce. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecom companies have removed caps on bandwidth to keep these services available for consumers and businesses. The removal of data caps causes immense tension on networks that can be alleviated by Edge Data Solutions.

EDSI’s next-gen, modular, high-density data centers can be deployed directly at the congestion points of this record-setting network traffic. Moving data centers closer to the consumer and improving performance is the most cost-effective and sustainable way to relieve strain on the current network infrastructure.

“The social and business displacement caused by COVID-19 has created an all-time high demand for decentralized data centers,” said Delray Wannemacher, CEO of EDSI. “With technological advances increasing exponentially, the increased network demand is pushing Edge Data Solutions forward, even accelerating our business model. We have the most powerful, efficient, and greenest data center solution on the market at the exact time companies need novel and flexible approaches to improve network performance.”

EDSI has engaged industry leaders to provide best-in-class equipment, security, and performance. A unique combination of enterprise-class hardware, immersion cooling, and proprietary management software provides the most cost-effective, profitable, and powerful GPU-based edge solution on the market. 

Immersion cooling allows savings up to 90% when compared to air-cooled solutions and can be deployed in any climate. EDSI’s proprietary, smart, workload-distribution software and full hardware utilization increase computing power by 30-40% per server and ensure zero idle time.

“The turnkey, modular data center solution from EDSI can save companies hundreds of millions of dollars on energy, servers, and real estate, with our combination of immersion cooling and software,” said Daniel Wong, COO of EDSI. “EDSI’s next-gen edge data centers are a game-changer and ready to meet the demands for video rendering, AI, gaming, fintech, and the nation’s streaming providers to reduce costs and latency and increase security.

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Edge Data Solutions, Inc. (OTC:EDGS) is poised to be an industry-leading infrastructure provider. In an increasingly data-driven world, GPU computing is changing the way we create, learn, and play. Through strategic partners, the company has assembled a full-stack solution to help businesses realize the potential of GPU computing, backed by a rapidly growing network of high-density, modular data centers that place computing power directly at the point of data collection, thereby reducing latency, improving performance and security. For more information about Edge Data Solutions, Inc. (OTC:EDGS) please visit

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