CentralReach Provides Free Data Collection Software for Unemployed Clinicians to Continue Providing Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

In Response to COVID-19, CentralReach Will Provide Laid-Off Clinicians with 60-day Free Access to Data Collection Software Designed to Help Them Get Back on Feet

Matawan, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Pompano Beach, Florida, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CentralReach, the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR), practice management and clinical solutions for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices who care for people with autism and related disorders, announced that between now through June 30th, the company will provide unemployed clinicians with 60-day free access to CentralReach’s small business data collection software, Thread.

The software, which helps clinicians electronically collect data to inform the care plan, will allow BCBAs to continue delivering care independently and maintain income for 60 days until they are rehired or can start their own practice.  To register for the free solution, click here.

“In an industry where there is an incredible capacity gap, only 38,000 BCBAs available to serve millions of people with ASD, it’s critical to keep all BCBAs in market and delivering services,” said CentralReach CEO, Chris Sullens. “That’s why we are committed to helping these clinicians remain active and certified as any additional loss of BCBAs in market would be devastating to those seeking care and has the potential of impacting autism therapy waitlists well beyond COVID-19.”

The CDC also recently announced a 10% increase in autism prevalence rates in the United States increasing the ratio from 1 in 59 to 1 in 54 which is expected to impact demand for services in the coming months and years.

The new offer isn’t the first giveaway that CentralReach has provided since the Coronavirus outbreak. On March 20th, the company announced the opening of its entire digital continuing education library to help all 38,000 BCBAs access the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) needed to maintain certification at no cost. To date, nearly 18,000 BCBAs have registered and have completed over 120,000 courses.  

For more information on the free 60-day access to Thread by CentralReach, click here.

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CentralReach is a leading provider of end-to-end practice management and clinical solutions that enable applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinicians and educators to produce superior outcomes for people with autism. The company is revolutionizing the ABA space with cutting-edge solutions including precision teaching, clinical data collection, scheduling, billing, learning management, fully digital evidence-based programming and more. Trusted by more than 85,000 clinicians and educators, CentralReach is committed to ongoing product improvement, market-leading industry expertise, world-class client satisfaction, and support of the ABA community to propel industry practitioners into a new era of excellence. For more information, please visit centralreach.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and, Twitter @CentralReach.




In Response to COVID-19, CentralReach Will Provide Laid-Off Clinicians with 60-day Free Access to Data Collection Software Designed to Help Them Get Back on Feet

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