Life-Saving, Life-Giving New Therapy Could Disappear Due to Coronavirus

A safe and promising new therapy that improves fertility and stops life-threatening bowel obstructions could be lost to humanity forever

Gainesville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Gainesville, FL, May 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An all-natural therapy shown to safely improve female fertility and defeat a common killer, life-threatening bowel obstructions, may become lost to humanity due to economics of the coronavirus.

Roughly 300,000 surgeries a year are performed for small bowel obstruction (SBO). Unresolved, the condition is 100% fatal when it stops food from passing through the body. Surgical repair of SBO is the second most common emergency room surgery in the U.S. and carries the highest complication rate (47%)¹ Because abdominal surgery is considered a primary cause of bowel blockage, many patients undergo additional life-threatening obstructions and surgeries in life, caused by their last surgery.


In a controlled study, doctors from Harvard, Stanford and Washington University examined a unique bodywork focused on decreasing the adhesions that cause the condition. Results showed the therapy decreased life-threatening bowel obstructions by 15 times the norm. The therapy is considered remarkable because it eliminated blockages without surgery, using only the therapists’ hands.

Physical therapists developed the life-saving therapy after it opened totally blocked fallopian tubes in women diagnosed infertile. Most of the women whose tubes opened after therapy had natural pregnancies and births. Now, the opportunity to provide this life-saving, life-giving natural therapy to the world is threatened because patients fear flying to the clinics due to the coronavirus.


“It is exciting and frustrating,” said Larry Wurn, CEO of Clear Passage Therapies. “Numerous studies have shown success in these conditions, which could previously only be treated surgically. While introducing a safe and effective new non-surgical therapy to the world, our hopes are being dashed because of economics surrounding the coronavirus. Fear of flying is preventing patients from receiving the therapy at most of our locations.”


Following 23 years of research, studies indicate that the “hands-on” bodywork developed by Clear Passage® physical therapy is safe and effective for opening blocked fallopian tubes and for clearing obstructed bowels without surgery. The therapy focuses on decreasing adhesions, the powerful internal scars that form to help the body heal from inflammation, injury, or surgery. Because adhesions can form anywhere in the body, they can cause infertility by blocking fallopian tubes or cause a painful death if they close down the intestines.


“Adhesions are a major problem after surgery,” said study author Dr. Janey Pratt, a Harvard surgeon of 20 years who recently moved to Stanford medical school. “Beyond causing pain, they can be lethal when they squeeze or kink the intestines closed. This therapy appears to reverse that condition for some patients.”


“Deprived of nutrition, patients will die from intestinal adhesions.” Wurn said. “Studies indicate this therapy can reverse both of these conditions without surgery. Until now, adhesions were only thought to be removed by surgery, but the surgery to remove them often causes more adhesions to form. The therapy is a breakthrough because it appears to decrease adhesions and clear them from vital structures without surgery.”


After decades of research and development, the coronavirus threatens a death knell to the therapy. “Without patients, our funding to treat and conduct further studies has dried up. We just can’t go on without patients,” says Wurn.


Many of the affiliate locations for Clear Passage have closed due to state-wide lockdowns and enforced social distancing. Remaining open locations include their Gainesville, Florida headquarters, and their clinics located in Manhattan, New York. “While we normally have a three month waiting list, our schedules are now wide open due to coronavirus cancellations,” Wurn said,


Patients accepted into the program typically undergo a 20-hour therapy program designed around their specific health conditions and goals, administered over the course of 5 days. The Clear Passage® Approach and its success rates have been cited in over a dozen published citations and studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. 


Clinics in Gainesville, Florida and Manhattan, New York are safe for patients to attend. Staff and therapists take extensive precautions and follow CDC guidelines for PPE and sanitization methods.

About Clear Passage Physical Therapy® – Clear Passage Physical Therapy programs are designed to decrease adhesions using a 5-day protocol; it is provided in various cities in the USA and UK. The therapy has been shown to prevent surgery, decrease chronic pain and bowel obstructions, and significantly improve female fertility. Peer-reviewed studies that report their success rates are authored by physicians and scientists from medical schools including Harvard, Stanford, George Washington and Univ of Florida.

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Before and after films of the intestines show that a unique, hands-on physical therapy cleared life-threatening bowel obstructions, eliminating the need for surgery. Physical therapist Belinda Wurn uses a technique shown to decrease adhesions without surgery.

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