Serenity is Set in Stone With Wilsonart’s 2020 Quartz Collection

Introducing Nature’s Neutrals: Designing Calm in Today’s World 

TEMPLE, Texas, May 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now, more than ever before, spaces need to be a sanctuary for peace, calm, and serenity. That is the bold promise of Wilsonart’s extraordinary new 2020 Quartz Collection: using the power of design to achieve an instant respite from the daily grind.

“Inspired by nature using pure stone surfaces gives the brain restorative effects, helping us find connections to everyday wellness. Stone represents creation on a geological timescale and serves as a subconscious reminder to leverage the beauty of our surroundings, while offering a sense of peace," noted Natalia Smith, Product Design Manager at Wilsonart.

The new Wilsonart® Quartz Collection celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours, while offering a true sense of escape. Every pattern has a story. From the shape of clouds to the urban feel of concrete to vistas and natural wonders, each is designed to take one’s spirit on a journey. Experience a grounding sense of peace and calm at home, complements of the Wilsonart® Quartz Collection. 

2020 New Arrivals

Bodega: With a contemporary urban feel, Bodega creates an intriguing industrial look. Its fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey strike the perfect balance of raw and refined.

Oberlin: With large-scale black and brown-black particulates, Oberlin evokes the jagged, rocky edges of Montana’s majestic Mount Oberlin. Awe-inspiring. Interesting. And with a sense of majesty and permanence.

Galera: A classic black and white large-scale terrazzo composition, created to transport you to the white and grainy dark beach sands of the Puerto Galera in the northern Philippines.

Karekare: A journey to a black, sandy beach can be experienced through this extra-large terrazzo design. It features translucent particulates and varying earth tones, bringing a natural vibrancy to homes. 

Trail Ridge: A quartz countertop design that is the perfect starting point for personalization, with a two-toned grey background and light short veins throughout. 

Desert View: Inspired by the amazing Grand Canyon desert, featuring a two-toned warm grey background and subtle short white veins throughout.

Hanola Grey: Inspired by the rocks of Oahu, Hawaii, this peaceful design is two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown. Wispy white veins evoke a sense of water with glistening waves. 

Hamoa: Hamoa is a quartz countertop design inspired by beautiful neutrals found at Hamoa Beach in Maui. With a warm grey background and swirling white veins throughout, Hamoa calls to mind that sunny day on the island beach.

Svalbard: As the world’s northernmost inhabited area, Svalbard is the perfect getaway to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a bright white quartz countertop design with cool charcoal grey veins.

Tivoli Grey: Tivoli is a small historic town in Italy surrounded by gardens. The light warm grey and short and subtle brown-grey veins of this quartz are designed to transport and transcend.

Clouds Rest: Inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds that caress the landscape and delicately move through the environment, this design brings unique contour and softness through a white and grey background that is accentuated by darker grey veining.

Traiano: Our muse was the porticolined piazza found in the ancient imperial town of Foro di Traiano. Its warm white background and warm charcoal veins will add a subtle sense of old world history.

Capogrossi: Intersecting veins in charcoals and browns creates a sophisticated fractured look that is bold and captivating. Set on a warm white backdrop, Capogrossi will add warmth and intrigue to any space. 

River Glen: River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate, natural water features. This quartz design will add a crisp, dramatic sense of movement to your interior design. 

Madeira Beach: Inspired both by the sands and celebratory character of the Florida beach. With its warm white background and contrasting but subtle grey veins, Madeira Beach adds a distinguished spirit of joy.

Logan Pass: One of the most breathtaking drives in the world, Logan Pass evokes the feeling of an unending beauty found in Glacier National Park. Its two-tone grey quartz design is slightly translucent, with long, wispy, cool-white veins. Bringing both energy and splendor.

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