Spectrum Business Ventures CEO Amit Raizada says firm continues to invest as economy reopens


Kansas City, Missouri, May 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As stay-at-home orders across the country expire and states move to reopen sectors of their economies, Spectrum Business Ventures founder and CEO Amit Raizada said on Monday that his venture capital firm will continue to assess cutting edge investments in high-impact sectors as we transition into the next chapter in our economic history.

Raizada made his announcement days following a report that US stocks had their best month since 1987 and after economic experts wrote in the Harvard Business Review that the US was “not headed toward a new great depression.”

“There’s no doubt that things are going to change as we begin to reopen the economy,” Raizada said, “and I have the utmost confidence that our team will continue making strategic investments in high impact sectors that transform industries for years to come.”

As a leading investor in sectors from biotech to mobile to restaurants, Raizada has had his fair share of highs and lows.

“As a venture capitalist, I know what it means to struggle – and I know what it means to succeed,” Raizada added. “I am confident that we as a nation will get past this difficult chapter and reach new heights of success.”

About Amit Raizada: Amit Raizada is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures, an investment firm that holds equity in a wide range of companies in fields from medical technology to consumer entertainment.


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