Datical is Now Liquibase; Company Returns to its Open Source Roots with Support from its Community

New and updated product portfolio, new CEO and board member, and expanded open source community resources bolsters company’s commitment to the developer community

AUSTIN, Texas, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datical, the leading provider of database release automation solutions, today announced that it has rebranded and will be conducting operations under the name Liquibase. The evolution of Datical to Liquibase follows the company’s return to its open source roots, aligning its efforts to build the best solutions to solve tough database challenges. In conjunction with today’s announcement, Liquibase is also unveiling a new and updated product portfolio; Dion Cornett as CEO; Todd Barr, CMO of Gitlab, to Liquibase’s board of directors; and expanded resources for Liquibase community members, including a streamlined process and new tooling to make it easier for everyone to contribute code.

“Our name change reflects a fundamental pivot in building value for our customers, partners, and communities,” said Dion Cornett, CEO and president at Liquibase. “We believe in open source collaboration and are realigning our product development efforts around community-driven innovation. This means being both a good steward of our community and a trusted enterprise vendor. Our customers and community are already benefiting from a broader array of supported databases, enhanced ease of use, and faster time to value across a more flexible range of solutions.”

Datical is Now Liquibase
Liquibase is an open source project that was created to solve the problems associated with manually updating database schemas. Datical acquired Liquibase by bringing on the project owner in 2012, and will operate under the name Liquibase moving forward.

With over 15 million downloads, Liquibase is powered by rapid open source innovation and a vibrant user community. The company’s mission is to take the best of its community’s contributions and work on integrating, testing, hardening, and supporting them. Liquibase offers Liquibase Community for free as a way to give back and encourage its open source community to explore database schema change management and drive innovation. Contributions from the Liquibase community have created a trusted foundation for the portfolio of products detailed below.

New, Updated Product Portfolio Fuels Innovation
The Liquibase product portfolio is designed with speed, agility, and confidence in mind. From solo developers and small teams, all the way to large enterprises, its solutions accelerate developer workflows and facilitate team collaboration. The new Liquibase product portfolio consists of:

  • Liquibase Enterprise (formerly Datical DB) helps enterprises and businesses in regulated industries conduct fast, safe database deployments that make it easy to enforce governance and stay compliant.
  • Liquibase Business provides enhanced visibility into all code changes across the pipeline to improve team workflows and maximize business impact.
  • Liquibase Pro empowers developers with advanced features for database schema changes, allowing them to evolve their database quickly and reliably.
  • Liquibase Community is a free offering that lets developers explore and get familiar with database schema change management and bringing the database under version control.

"Even as DevOps has dramatically transformed the process of application development and accelerated time to market, too often those responsible for database management are stuck with important but tedious tasks like the manual update of schemas. This has created a market opportunity to automate the process, so that database code can be treated like application code, improving the overall velocity of delivery," said Stephen O'Grady, principal analyst with RedMonk. "This opportunity is, in essence, what Liquibase was built for."

Liquibase Welcomes New CEO and New Board Member
Dion Cornett has been appointed to serve as CEO of Liquibase, where he formerly held the title of president. Cornett has nearly two decades of experience working in open source software, and previously served as the CEO of ReachForce. Prior to that, he held leadership roles at Red Hat and MariaDB. He is especially passionate about empowering the Liquibase open source community through products and resources that facilitate innovation, collaboration, and learning. The company’s former CEO, Derek Hutson, will remain an advisor to Liquibase.

Todd Barr, CMO at Gitlab, will serve as Liquibase’s newest board member. Barr has a keen focus on driving value through the commercialization of open source software. Prior to his role at Gitlab, he held various marketing titles at Red Hat, Ansible, and Alfresco, among others.

“While the DevOps tool landscape has exploded in recent years, bringing DevOps practices all the way to the database has been a challenge,” said Todd Barr, CMO at Gitlab. “Liquibase’s ability to equip developers and teams to make fast database changes is going to help companies innovate faster and bring new features to market. I'm excited to serve on the Liquibase board and to see how contributions from the thriving open source community will guide future product development and customer value.”

Other New Resources

  • Liquibase Community Build Server allows contributors to conduct their own testing and bolsters Liquibase’s ability to leverage the open source community to be innovative.
  • Liquibase is now part of the Amazon RDS Ready Program, under the AWS Service Ready Program.

Insights from Liquibase Partners
“Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise enable users to support multiple workloads on a global scale with zero downtime. What we've found at times is that the ability to scale can be impacted by manual database schema changes. Using tools like Liquibase to automate the schema change process gives developers and administrators the ability to focus more time on delivering game-changing applications, and less on removing the bottleneck caused by schema updates.” — Matt Kennedy, senior director of cloud solutions at DataStax

“With Software Delivery Automation platforms, such as those provided by CloudBees, enterprises benefit greatly by accelerating the delivery of new innovation to production. Liquibase is making it more simple than ever to automate and manage database schema changes across any environment — from the developer level all the way to large enterprises contending with governance and compliance challenges. By bringing end-to-end automation to the delivery pipeline, Liquibase effectively supports an organization’s continuous delivery or DevOps initiatives.” — Francois Dechery, chief strategy officer at CloudBees

“Speed and agility are what modern businesses need to survive in today’s digital economy. Liquibase is arming developers with a solution that does just that, while also streamlining team workflows and maximizing business impact. As a result, developers can now bring high-quality software to life faster, cheaper, and more securely.” — Derek Langone, president at Digital.ai

“As companies navigate the challenges associated with delivering digital services and digital experiences to their customers, data continues to be an anchor that is slowing them down. The combination of Liquibase and Delphix offers enterprises the unique ability to remove bottlenecks associated with both automating data delivery and automating database schema changes, resulting in faster time-to-market and increased operational efficiencies. We're excited to see how the company's expanded offerings will benefit teams at every level of the enterprise.” — Monika Saha, chief marketing officer at Delphix

“The cloud is pushing everyone to be more flexible and iterate faster. We’re seeing many MariaDB cloud customers who want to evolve their database quickly to keep up with changing times. With Liquibase supporting MariaDB Server, there’s now a great open source option to help manage schema changes in SkySQL cloud databases. We love seeing open source win.” — Kevin Farley, director of strategic alliances, MariaDB Corporation

“Liquibase, used in conjunction with EDB Postgres, empowers database users by allowing them to move changes through development pipelines quickly, with fewer errors. This is especially valuable for teams committed to CI/CD, for whom speed, agility, and accuracy are number one." — John Murphy, senior vice president, products at EnterpriseDB


About Liquibase
Liquibase’s mission is to transform the way businesses build software so they can deliver better customer experiences faster. Liquibase solutions deliver the database release automation capabilities technology executives need to get the most out of their Agile, Cloud, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery investments. With Liquibase database release automation, organizations can shorten the time it takes to bring applications to market while eliminating the security vulnerabilities, costly errors, data loss, and downtime often associated with current database deployment methods. For more information, visit www.liquibase.com, call 737-402-7187, or connect via @liquibase.

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