New Beehives Will Be Buzzing in Ottawa

May 20th marks International Bee Day. Colonnade BridgePort is gearing up with the install of urban beehives at three of its managed properties

OTTAWA, May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colonnade BridgePort is pleased to announce that three new urban beehives will be installed on the rooftops of three properties: Westboro Connection at 315-319 McRae Ave and 1960 Scott Street, and Hintonburg Connection at 175 Carruthers Ave. All three mixed-use properties are owned by Fiera Real Estate and managed by Colonnade BridgePort.

Supporting biodiversity is an important component of a sustainability program. Property level programming for both commercial and residential tenants will include free workshops focused on bee education, as well as the end of season honey harvest.

“With the fate of pollinators being an increasing, global concern, it’s wonderful to see tangible action being taken to help these creatures that are crucial to the environment,” says Elin Rudolfsson, Sustainability Manager at Colonnade BridgePort. “The hives will be installed on the roofs of three of our mixed-use residential properties. They create incredible benefit to the community and are low risk to the residents.” Rudolfsson went on to detail some of the benefits, “The bees pollinate from a five kilometre radius meaning they will support food and flower growth, plus they will help maintain natural habitats and have a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem.”

Colonnade BridgePort is working with Alveole, The Urban Beekeeping Company, to install and manage the beehives. The hives are being installed on June 2nd at all three properties.

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