Squirrels LLC Releases AirParrot 3

Big performance boosts, Windows extended desktop, HomePod support highlight new screen mirroring and streaming software

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Squirrels LLC today released AirParrot 3, a screen mirroring and streaming software boasting less latency, higher frame rates, lower CPU demand and more capabilities than similar AirPlay and Google Cast technology.  

Significant performance advancements and new features highlight AirParrot 3, the latest release in the popular AirParrot product line that has sold over one million units to date.

Real-time mirroring
Screen mirroring latency measures under 16 milliseconds at 60 frames per second for near real-time mirroring.

“Latency of 16 milliseconds is imperceptible to the human eye,” Squirrels CEO and co-founder Andrew Gould said. “For comparison, the average human blink takes between 100-400 milliseconds. With AirParrot 3, your screen content is captured, encoded, transmitted, decoded and displayed in a fraction of that time. This is top-tier performance that rivals any screen mirroring technology.”

Less CPU usage
Squirrels senior application developer Stephen Gerstacker noted that AirParrot 3 uses up to 50% less CPU by offloading video processing to the GPU.

“The GPU is much better at video processing,” Gerstacker said. “It can do it faster while using less power, and it leaves the CPU available to do other tasks on your computer. This makes AirParrot 3 viable even for lower-end laptops with weaker CPUs.”

These AirParrot 3 specs enable it to excel where screen mirroring technology traditionally falls short, such as when sharing streaming video content like YouTube videos or gameplay.

Extended desktop
AirParrot 3 brings extended desktop functionality to Windows devices, a highly requested AirParrot feature that was previously only available on Mac.

“Extended desktop allows people to use their TV as an additional computer monitor that’s completely wireless,” Gould said. “This is helpful when people are working from home or when they just want more desktop space. We’re excited that Windows users can enjoy it, too.”

Apple HomePod streaming
AirParrot 3 adds Apple HomePod streaming from Windows devices, an AirParrot feature that was previously only available for Mac. Wirelessly stream system audio or media files such as MP3 or MP4 audio from a computer to one or more HomePod speakers.

Media streaming
AirParrot 3 supports 4K streaming and adds compatibility for a wider range of audio and video codecs. Users can stream media files in 4K with surround sound.

AirParrot 3 is available now for Mac and Windows devices. Pricing starts at $15.99 on the online store.

About AirParrot
AirParrot 3 is a wireless screen mirroring and streaming software for Mac and Windows devices. Mirror and stream videos, audio, presentations and on-screen content to a wide range of AirPlay and Google Cast receivers including Apple TV, Chromecast, Apple HomePod and Reflector.

About Squirrels
Squirrels is a software-development company established in 2012 that specializes in wireless audio and video transmission. Popular Squirrels products include Ditto, AirParrot and Reflector. More information about these products and Squirrels can be found at http://airsquirrels.com.

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