eSolutions Provides Free MBI Lookup Tool for Healthcare Providers 

In response to COVID-19’s overwhelming burden on healthcare providers, eSolutions offers clients a tool to ensure easier MBI transition, timely reimbursement 

Overland Park, Kansas, UNITED STATES

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eSolutions, the industry’s leading Medicare billing experts, has created a new, free tool to support healthcare providers across the country in transitioning more easily to the use of Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs) for claim reimbursement. This tool, created in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now being used by 5,000 healthcare facilities across the United States – ranging from the smallest home health provider to some of the largest hospitals and health systems – and is offered free of charge for providers. 

On Jan. 1, 2020, CMS instituted the use of MBI to replace Social Security Number-based Health Insurance Claim Numbers and guard against fraud, identity theft and illegal use of benefits. MBI implementation has been mostly successful, but because of the learning curve and lack of resources to make updates, many providers have experienced costly claim rejections and denials. CMS data from November 2019 revealed that providers had submitted only 87 percent of claims with an MBI number in place of HICN. With the influx of patients due to COVID-19, providers need a quick, easy way to find patient MBIs.  

In response, eSolutions developed the MBI Lookup tool, a secure portal allowing access to patients’ MBIs to ensure the use of correct identifiers and facilitate timely Medicare reimbursement. The tool allows eSolutions’ clients to look up MBIs with only a patient's first name, last name, date of birth and SSN, at no charge. Starting with the correct patient MBIs saves providers time and precious resources during a period where both are stretched thin. 

“Today’s uncertainties mean timely reimbursement and cash flow are absolutely necessary, and we consider it our social responsibility to use our expertise for the greater good,” said Gerry McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer. “It is our passion to apply technology to solving tough challenges. The MBI Lookup tool is an example of how we care for providers the way they care for their patients.” 

With more than 20 years’ experience developing tools that meet HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines, eSolutions has created the most efficient and secure process possible to gather basic information for MBI Lookup tool use. It is the fastest, easiest way to ensure providers will be paid quickly and accurately by Medicare. 

“The MBI Lookup tool underscores our commitment to serving providers the best way we can during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Anna Whitaker, Vice President of Client Services. “Our company has always been driven by the knowledge that we help maintain the financial stability providers need to care for the sickest, most underserved population. During this critical time, we are proud to respond.” 

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