New York Yankees Mike Ford and David Hale Partner with Rising Star Baseball Camp

Ford and Hale will inspire young baseball players who have had their seasons cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Rochelle, New York

New York, May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New York Yankees Mike Ford and David Hale will partner with Rising Star Baseball Camp for a three-session Zoom series, Coach Darren Gurney announced. Ford and Hale will host the series for the camp’s participants who have been unable to participate in their baseball seasons due to the coronavirus and social distancing guidelines. Ford and Hale, both graduates of Princeton University, and recent additions to the Yankees roster, worked with their MLB agent, Jon Fetterolf, to help create an opportunity to engage younger players. Hale and Ford were connected to Coach Gurney and his program located in New Rochelle, NY, close in proximity to Yankee Stadium. The goal of this program is to inspire youth impacted by the pandemic while they can neither play their season, nor enjoy professional games.

Coach Gurney will moderate the three Zoom sessions, the first of which will be held on Monday, June 1. Topics discussed in the three sessions will include staying inspired during the pandemic; staying motivated and prepared for the upcoming season; Major League pitching insights; and Major League hitting insights.

Ford is a first baseman for the Yankees and made his MLB debut in 2019. He hit 12 home runs in 50 games for the Yankees, while making 24 starts at first base and 12 starts at designated hitter. Hale is a pitcher in the Yankees organization. He made his Major League debut in 2013 with the Atlanta Braves. In addition to the Yankees and the Braves, Hale has played for the Colorado Rockies and the Minnesota Twins.

“It is a privilege and an honor to have players of this caliber volunteer their time to motivate, inspire and teach our campers,” Gurney said. “In the absence of the boys’ ability to play it is so important to continue to foster their love of the game and to encourage them to stay fit. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from top MLB talent.”

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About Rising Star:

Rising Star Baseball Camp has been training athletes ages 4-15 since 1998. With five active professional players and over 70 NCAA players as alumni, the camp has helped thousands of baseball players reach their dreams. By implementing innovative, personalized drills, the camp specializes in pinpointing player mechanical weaknesses and correcting them to maximize efficiency. Players have traveled from all over the world to attend camp, including Japan, Ireland, Israel, the Bahamas, Nigeria, and Hong Kong. Coaches with professional and college backgrounds are on site daily to help players enjoy the ultimate baseball experience at Rising Star.

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