NetNumber Fraud and Security Solutions Help Mitigate Changing Threat Landscape as Detailed in New GSMA Report

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Lowell, MA, May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the current global situation has temporarily forced most people to work from home, fraud and security threats have shifted towards manipulating consumer concerns and incentives as reported in the GSMA April 2020 report entitled, “Covid-19:  Mobile Cyber Security & Fraud Threat Observations and Incidents.”  The report warns of several trending threats including commercial spyware companies becoming involved in contact tracing leveraging the mobile network and privacy and security concerns with contact tracing applications.  The NetNumber security and fraud solutions can help mitigate these threats.  

Signaling security is a critical concern for operators as today’s SS7, Diameter and SIP networks can be manipulated for banking fraud, identity theft, location tracking, eavesdropping, DOS attacks, and so on. To secure international roaming and emerging IoT, operators must proactively protect their signaling networks and subscribers.  NetNumber provides unprecedented protection with the industry’s most comprehensive Fraud and Security solutions, including the first multi-protocol signaling firewall application on its carrier-grade TITAN platform. It protects against all known GSMA threats, provides a fully configurable environment to address future attack vectors, and can be deployed on premise inside the network or in a public or private cloud architecture.

NetNumber complements its Signalling Firewall with various types of data and reporting that enable services such as automated provisioning of GSMA-defined filtering and real-time call blocking data. For the newest LTE and 5G mobile networks, ‘security by design’ solutions will be introduced for network-wide signaling security.  This includes the newly architected 5G SEPP application, which supports broadening security enhancements for Diameter in the GSMA standards process and involves digital signatures, data encryption and key management solutions. 

NetNumber is proud of the role it plays as an integral member of many industry standardization bodies.  With close ties to the GSMA, 3GPP, i3Forum, ATIS and CFCA, NetNumber has shared its signaling expertise with the industry.  Pieter Veenstra, Senior Manager of Product Development for Security and Routing at NetNumber, has been serving as Roaming and Interconnect Fraud and Security (RIFS) Chair within the GSMA for two years. Pieter’s election as RIFS Chair follows his editorships in the GSMA for Signaling Firewalls for SS7 (FS.11) and Diameter (FS.19). He also leads the investigation in GSMA working groups FASG and NG on the open issues for 5G Security, the recommendations for 5G SEPP, and extensive analysis of the security risks with the coexistence of 5G with the existing and less secure mobile signaling systems 4G, 3G and 2G.

Ewout Pronk, Senior Security Solutions Architect at NetNumber, also is an industry recognized contributor to security and fraud standardization work in the GSMA where he is currently chairing the Diameter End-to-end Security Subgroup (DESS). The DESS group is delivering specifications to secure the inter-PLMN interface by design for both LTE and 5G. The DESS group recently published DESS Phase 1 for Diameter Security for LTE. This provides authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation measures to LTE inter-network roaming signaling messages. DESS has also published key management procedures to serve both LTE and 5G inter-PLMN security.

Today, NetNumber provides a fully integrated and complete set of call validation, authentication and authorization solutions to meet STIR SHAKEN requirements. With its deep industry leadership, NetNumber plays an active and leading role in the definition of new approaches like SEISMIC and Out-of-Band” STIR SHAKEN. This ensures that NetNumber will remain at the forefront of delivering real-time fraud preventions solutions to protect consumers from emerging threats.

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NetNumber, Inc. brings 20 years of experience delivering platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks.  Our software-based signaling-control solutions accelerate delivery of new services like Private LTE and IoT/M2M solutions across multi-gen networks, dramatically simplifying the core and reducing opex.  These solutions span a range of network types from 2G-3G-4G-5G to future G delivered on the industry’s most robust signaling platform. NetNumber Data Services are essential for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging. Data powers fraud detection and prevention solutions and enables enterprise B2B and B2C communications platforms.  NetNumber multi-protocol signaling firewall, fraud-detection, and robocalling solutions help secure networks against current/emerging threats.


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