Thrilling Historical Fiction Novel Brings Readers Back to the Victorian Era

Author Elizabeth Reinach publishes enticing new book, “Heirs of Deceits” focusing on the secrets and chaos between social classes

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

SCOTLAND, June 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elizabeth Reinach’s love for history and the Victorian period shines in her new novel, “Heirs of Deceits.” Reinach beautifully creates a fictitious world told by realistic stories and compelling characters. “Heirs of Deceits” is about one man’s illegitimate children and how their lives changed forever when they are taken in as servants to a very powerful politician and landowner in England. The author introduces Sir Gilbert Stanley, who causes copious amounts of controversy among his community. From treating women unbearably to taking the children he abandoned previously as his servants, readers will experience the chaos he creates and a murder that is put to question.

Universal societal issues are seen throughout the book, such as combating poverty to female vulnerability, readers will dive deep into the world Reinach creates. She was inspired to write the book focusing on the secrets and chaos that can be seen between social classes during this time period. Readers will be entertained by the drama and scandalous scenarios that are seen through Sir Gilbert’s actions.

“While writing ‘Heirs of Deceits’ I drew my inspiration from the many history books that I have read,” said Reinach. “I read a lot about workhouses and servants and knew I wanted these elements present in the book. I want readers to see that unresolved conflicts can ruin people and that many of the features of the workhouse still linger on in the society we live in today.”

Those who are interested in historical fiction will thoroughly enjoy “Heirs of Deceits” and the anarchy that unfolds within the story.

“Heirs of Deceits”
By Elizabeth Reinach
ISBN:  9781984589835 (softcover); 9781984589842 (hardcover); 9781984589859 (eBook)
Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Elizabeth Reinach is a talented writer who accomplished her dream to become a published author after she retired from her professional career. Reinach graduated from the University of Manchester and has spent her career as a social researcher engaging in projects in the social work field. Reinach’s work in literature all began when she joined the Aberdeen Writers’ Circle and the Lemontree Writers Group. Without the help of these two groups, she wouldn’t have published her debut book, “Heirs of Deceits.” Reinach has also published a series of short stories titled, “Three Dimensions”, a touching tale called “Tom-The Cat” and “Katharina and Bianca,” another enchanting book about two cats. She plans to write more books to embellish her passion for literature. She is an active member of local writing groups and had a play performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She currently resides in Aberdeen, Scotland. To learn more, please visit

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“Heirs of Deceits”
By Elizabeth Reinach

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