Mozilla Funds Meething to Help “Fix the Internet”

New Zoom alternative accepted into the Mozilla Spring MVP Lab


SAN FRANCISCO, June 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ERA, the technology development firm driving the next evolution of the internet, today announced its latest project, Meething, is now sponsored by Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the lightning fast Firefox browser. As part of this sponsorship, Meething will compete in Mozilla’s “Fix the Internet” Incubator to better connect people to the internet, putting the interests of people back at the center of online life. Meething, a video teleconferencing and collaboration platform built to provide individuals and businesses a secure alternative to current closed-source platforms was created in partnership with QXIP and its founder, Lorenzo Mangani.

Meething uses peer-to-peer encrypted video calls powered by the open source cybersecurity protocol, GUN. Meething was born only 8 weeks ago as a result of the backlash against some of the most popular video conferencing solutions on the market today. Traditional conferencing and collaboration solutions include a “middle-man” that sits between the parties who are communicating. Meething removes this in-between and directly connects all parties with no middle-man server in between.

“Being recognized by the industry leader in open and secure communications is a testament to our team that is creating Meething,” said Mark Nadal, founder and CEO of ERA. “The vision that we all have is centered around an open web that is free, transparent, and honest. COVID-19 has increased the reliance on the internet to do business and stay connected with our loved ones. Meething is the product that changes how markets will operate, giving users a glimpse into the convenience of a decentralized web without data manipulation, surveillance, or server interference.”

ERA and QXIP share the same vision for a secure, fast, and open internet equally free for all. Trust, security and customer experience are the core pillars of Meething as more and more communication is had over the internet. Businesses can now have a secure alternative to Zoom that is directly integrated into their website while removing the confusing, clumsy downloads of external platforms and third-party branded experiences. Organizations can now confidently provide a communications platform that is centered around the customer.

Data is now viewed as one of the top commodities across all businesses and the ability to securely share and collaborate on it is top of mind for all business decision makers. And more importantly, the creators of this data are the ones driving change across the internet. Users today demand more from tools and platforms that they use and want to be able to communicate in a way that promotes a level playing field for all.

“Partnering with Mark and the team at ERA has allowed us to rapidly bring to market a decentralized video meeting platform that is truly built with the end users in mind, based on our 10+ years of experience doing quality assurance and monitoring for large enterprises and telecoms,” said Lorenzo Mangani, CEO at QXIP. “The recognition of this project by Mozilla, who is the industry standard in providing a safer, healthier and faster internet allows us to put an alternative in the market that is focused on the people who use it.”

“I am excited to be working closely with Mark and the entire development team who is bringing Meething to market,” said Mark Mayo, former Chief Product Officer at Mozilla who is serving as Meething’s mentor during the Fix the internet Spring Lab. “Whether it’s hanging out with your friends, collaborating with your coworkers, or teaching virtual classes, video conferencing on the web has long promised to enable a whole new world of online collaboration. Frankly, it hasn’t delivered. It’s been way too hard to build cool products with video and Meething aims to be the zero-barrier-to-entry platform that realizes this future. Soon, video conferencing won’t suck!”

About ERA
ERA is an innovation lab harnessing the power of the decentralized web. ERA enables the architects of the future by seeding cutting-edge technologies in infrastructure, applications and security. Rooted in community, ERA fosters an open-source mindset enabling a truly free internet. ERA is building towards a society that will be better for the next generation and which is underpinned by a new economic model.

Some of the innovative technologies born inside ERA include GUN, its open-source graph database engine supporting 30 million Monthly Active Users and Meething, its brand new peer-to-peer video conferencing platform, supported by Mozilla.

ERA is funded by some of the most forward-thinking leaders across the internet including the legendary Tim Draper and Marc Benioff.


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