Volan Technology Launches First AI-Based Location Positioning System with Contract Tracing, Social Distancing and Temperature Tracking to Help Schools and Workplaces Safely Reopen

Wireless Neural Mesh Network uses precise-location positioning and micro-geofencing to automate private contact tracing and dramatically improve incident response; Top Hotel in Las Vegas and schools in New Jersey and Ohio First to Pilot

HOBOKEN, N.J., June 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Volan Technology, providers of the only AI-based location positioning system that can dramatically improve workplace safety, announced today the official launch of its Volan Positioning System (VPS). 

As offices and schools around the country plan to reopen, the Volan system offers the only private location tracking and geo-fencing option available that provides precise and fast contact tracing solution combined with emergency response capabilities. Volan’s patented technology is a wireless neural mesh network that can dynamically locate and micro-track thousands of moving individuals on site in real-time and historically by segmenting massive sites into geofences for pinpoint, three-dimensional location accuracy. Smart sensors worn by everyone on site create a secure communication network that delivers location and incident information to an encrypted iOS application for authorized individuals. 

Since VPS operates independently of smartphones, GPS and the internet, it provides unprecedented location accuracy to improve workplace safety and operational efficiencies while protecting privacy in automating contact tracing, temperature tracking, social distancing enforcement, and incident response handling.  The data is only accessible to authorized individuals on-site who are responsible for the safety of the workforce, staff, and students such as the Operations executives, Principals, and responders. 

“We started building our product a year and a half ago as a solution to help address the growing problem of violence in the workplace and at schools, helping first responders quickly and precisely locate and communicate with people during a crisis,” said Michael Bettua, CEO and Co-Founder of Volan Technology.  “When COVID-19 hit, we realized quickly that our micro-positioning technology could help companies and schools automate virus mitigation such as contact tracing, social distancing, and fever tracking, in addition to smarter incident response handling. These new procedures are critical for getting back to work and school safely.  Volan will be a key tool for schools and workplaces that need to address virus mitigation concerns while protecting individual privacy, and it will continue to be an important ongoing technology for improving response time and effectiveness during emergencies.”

Current smartphone-based contact tracing solutions being considered by governments, schools and companies are ‘opt-in’ GPS/Bluetooth tools that are not accurate enough, impractical for workplace and school settings, and also lack privacy. This creates more problems than they are solving as evidenced by the failure of such a tool in Singapore.  With Volan, schools and other workplaces can confidentially trace both live and historical direct and room exposure and automatically send risk alerts. Unlike other Contract Tracing tools, Volan’s technology provides anonymous tracking with zero dependency on the individual’s phone and becomes an inactive tracer outside of the site’s mesh network (offsite).

Volan has pilot sites underway at school districts in New Jersey and Ohio, and will be launching a pilot in June in collaboration with one of the largest Las Vegas Hotel and Resort companies.  

About the technology

Volan’s patented mesh technology is based on the Bluetooth 5 Low Energy wireless standard and provides pervasive, inexpensive wireless security coverage on the largest possible sites with zero dependency on cellular, GPS, or the Internet. Volan’s sensors detect the exact location of each individual using Geo-fencing and enables both horizontal and vertical location positioning (HVP) of people wherever they are onsite, with no signal loss. This enables private contact tracing of both live and historical room exposure and the ability to automatically send risk alerts and a prioritized list of those exposed.  With micro-geofencing, Volan can automate social distancing enforcement and management of protected zones, detect unsafe distances or groupings of individuals in real-time, and send violation alerts to exposure rings. 

About Volan Technology

Volan Technology provides the only AI-based Positioning System that can privately locate and communicate with thousands of moving people within a few feet in large buildings, enabling dramatic improvements in virus mitigation and emergency response effectiveness.  Pilots are underway with the company’s patented Volan Positioning System at school districts across the country and with a leading hotel and resort company to help safely reopen.  Volan Technology is venture-backed and founded by serial entrepreneurs with decades of software and hardware design expertise and a track record of building successful businesses.  To learn more visit www.volantechnology.com.

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