View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM) Sannabis Rolls Out Work from Home Program to Sign Up Thousands of Business Partners to Drive Direct Sales.


Partners are distributors incentivized to build a business and grow with Sannabis.

Cali, Colombia, June 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM), medical marijuana and hemp subsidiary, Sannabis S.A.S. (“the Company”) releases information on their Work from Home program designed to capture the recently out of work professionals with the skills to build a business in a nascent industry. Sannabis’ Indigenous partners began making cannabis-based products since 2014 under the Sannabis brand. These products have anecdotal evidence of being effective for thousands of patients around the world as evidenced by the hundreds of testimonials the company has received and will be posting online.

Sannabis assisted in the treatment of adults and children with epilepsy, cancer, skin ailments, fibromyalgia, and many more diseases that caused despair since nothing else worked for them, until they were introduced to Sannabis. The company will now capitalize on the goodwill of their brand.

Sannabis Business Partners (SBP) will be given an activation code after their first US$ 40 purchase and have their personal and bank deposit details registered with Sannabis. A minimum $40/month purchase is required to maintain their code active. They simply give their code to their customer to buy direct from Sannabis’ online store. Once their customers payment is finalized, the SBP gets a direct transfer from Sannabis, and drop ships the products directly to the customer. As long as SBP maintains an active code, they will receive commission deposits after every purchase by that customer.

Sannabis Business Partners (SBP) will be given the opportunity to generate income from 5 different avenues of compensation.

-No. 1: Sannabis Business Partners earn a 20% commission for the purchases made by their customers that buy directly from Sannabis.

-No.2: SBP earn a 30% commission for the initial purchase made by a new SANNABIS ASSOCIATE PARTNER (SAP) they activate (must be trained by SBP before activation).

-No. 3: SBP earn a 10% commission for each purchase made by the customers of their SANNABIS ASSOCIATE PARTNER referrals.

-No. 4: SBP earn a 20% commission for the purchases made by the SANNABIS ASSOCIATE ENTREPENUER after the first purchase (activation), that will surely continue using the products, so they will continue to earn!

-No. 5: SBP will earn a legal renumeration when they refer patients to our Dr. Sannabis web portal.

“I’m very happy to be providing an income opportunity to many people currently out of work,” stated Juan Pablo Guzman, Director of Sannabis S.A.S.

John Campo, President of View Systems, Inc. added, “our office in Cali is working hard to activate as many people as soon as possible so they start generating income for themselves and for the Company.”

About View Systems Inc.

View Systems Inc. provides security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military and commercial businesses. View Systems' products are used by commercial businesses and residential consumers wishing to monitor their assets and limit their liability. For more information, visit

View Systems Inc. ( is the developer of the ViewScan Weapons Detection System, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sanctioned product used by law enforcement and correctional facilities, government agencies, schools, courthouses, special events, sports venues, military, and commercial businesses. View Systems acquired Colombian Cannabis company, Sannabis, to diversify into the burgeoning Cannabis industry with new management committed to continue developing their ViewScan Weapons Detection System in Colombia for the local and international market. View Systems intends to file for a name and symbol change in the near future, however, they will continue to develop their newly enhanced state of the art ViewScan products in Barranquilla, Colombia for the local and international markets.

ViewScan is installed at government agencies in Washington, DC and elsewhere, major school systems, correctional facilities, ports, and police stations around the world. View Scan has also been used at events where top security clearance is required for former Presidents. In this Market Survey Report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ViewScan demonstrated more features than their top competitors,

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