Emerson Firm Announces Ongoing Investigation of Google Tracking Chrome User Data

HOUSTON, June 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emerson Firm, PLLC announces that it is continuing its investigation into alleged Google tracking of people who used the Chrome browser’s incognito mode.

It has been alleged that Google tracks and collects consumers’ history and other Web activity no matter what safeguards consumers undertake to protect their data privacy. Even when Google users launch a Web browser with private browsing mode activated (as Google recommends to users wishing to browse the Web privately), Google nevertheless tracks the users’ browsing data and other identifying information.

These issues relate to all individuals with a Google account who accessed a website page containing Google Analytics or Ad Manager and who were (a) in private browsing mode in that device’s browser, and (b) did not log into their Google account on that device’s web browser during that session. The relevant time period is June 1, 2016 through the present. 

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If you are a person who is concerned about your privacy and used Google as described above, then this matter should concern you. Please contact us and we will discuss these matters with you and research whether your rights have been violated under your state’s laws.

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