Author’s Latest Christian Book Reveals How the Stories of Our Lives Shape Us in the Eyes of God

“Chewing the Wafer” by William C Jeffries demonstrates how the stories of our lives can shape our own and other’s religious and philosophical world view

Zionsville, IN, June 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the end times, people will be judged for the quality of the stories they tell and how the tales of their past secured their positioning in the eyes of God. “Chewing the Wafer: Living a Christian World View,” by William C Jeffries is a thought-provoking Christian book that explores how the stories of his past have come together to construct a Christian world view he chooses to implement in his work as a business consultant. In his book, Jeffries teaches readers to intertwine faith with work, and how in doing so, they can make clear-cut, ethical business decisions easily.

Using his background as an Associate Professor of English and a Philosophy Instructor at West Point, Jeffries also provides educated insight on the responsibility of the Christian church to teach an apologetic approach to ministry and prepare Millennials and others to transform the current secular, post-truth culture.

“Chewing the Wafer demands that one live out a Christian world view every day at home and work. Our lives should speak before our mouths say a word,” the author said.

“This excellent book strikes a rare balance between well-researched Biblical truth, and tangible exhortations that one can apply in their own life right away,” a reviewer wrote about the book.

Readers will enjoy “Chewing the Wafer” as it provides an in-depth look at the way business and Christianity can come together to help people make faith-based decisions that have a positive impact. They will also find Jeffries to be a reliable source, as his extensive background in business relations as a successful consultant and the military show how the teachings of the Bible can be implemented when making morally challenging decisions.

“Chewing the Wafer: Living a Christian World View”

By William C Jeffries

ISBN: 9781728356938 (softcover); 9781728356914 (hardcover); 9781728356921 (electronic)

Available at the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

The importance of ethics and Christianity presented itself to William C Jeffries early on through his family’s strong faith-based values. Since receiving his bachelor’s in engineering at West Point, and master’s in language, literature, and values at Duke University, and serving in the military, Jeffries has taught philosophy and professional ethics at West Point and also served as Director of Ethics and Executive Development at the Armed Forces Staff College. Today, as an international consultant who specializes in human and organizational behavior, he helps corporations implement ethics in the workplace.


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